E-Cloth Windscreen Haze Eraser Pad

E-Cloth Windscreen Haze Eraser Pad

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E-cloth Glasses Cloth

E-cloth Glasses Cloth

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Glass and Window Cleaning

Glass can attract dust and grime better than almost any other surface. Airborne dirt and pollution can quickly accumulate on your windows, blurring your views of the outside world and lowering the quality of the light in your home. Glassware, from vases to drinking glasses, can quickly become dulled and stained, spoiling the lustre clean glass shows off.

And if you clean glass with the wrong products and in the wrong way, you can make matters worse. Improperly cleaned glass, tarnished by spots and streaks, can look even worse than when it was just plain dirty.

But when it comes to window cleaning and glass cleaners, you’re in safe hands with Lakeland. With our quality window and glass cleaners, glass cleaner sprays, squeegees and polishing cloths, you’ll soon have all the glass in your home sparkling like it’s brand new.

What’s the best way to clean glass?

As with any job, cleaning glass effectively is all about combining the right tools with a little know how. To get your glass shimmering and shining, you need to do the following:

Start by removing excess dust and dirt and grime from glass with a dry cloth so that when you clean with liquid cleaner, you don’t end up making a mess.

Then, apply a good glass cleaner and plenty of it. If you want your glass to come up sparkling, don’t skimp on the cleaner. The solution will dissolve and absorb the remaining dirt, so you want to make sure you get a good coverage on the glass you’re cleaning. Spray applicators are a huge help here as they coat your glass in a fine mist of cleaner that helps you get an even coating.

Once you’ve sprayed your glass liberally with a good window and glass cleaner, you need to use the right kind of glass cleaning cloth to remove the cleaner. You need a cloth that absorbs quickly and effectively, that removes the liquid cleaner without leaving streaks. A squeegee can make it easier to fully remove window cleaning spray from windows and other large surfaces, like mirrors and TV screens.

The best glass cleaning sprays for the best results

You need specially formulated glass and window cleaning solutions to clean effectively, and you’ll find those at Lakeland. We’ve become famous for our high-quality cleaning solutions, and our window and glass cleaning range is no exception. Our colleagues and customers have sung their praises about our Nilglass Window and Mirror Spray for years. Whilst for the ultimate streak-free finish, the Wilton London Glass Cleaner is a mess free glass cleaner spray that leaves mirrors, splashbacks and shower glass lovely and clean with a fresh lemon scent.

We also offer a range of more specialist glass cleaning solutions too, like our Wood Burning Stove Glass Cleaner Spray.

Glass cleaning cloths

To get the best results, once you’ve coated your glass in the right glass or window cleaner spray, you need to wipe it clean with a specially designed glass cleaning cloth.

Our glass cleaning and polishing cloths come in pairs. One cloth absorbs and removes dirt and cleaning products from glass. The other cloth then polishes the glass to bring it up to a just-like-new shine with minimum effort and time. Our cloths are machine washable too, meaning you can use them again and again to clean the glass in your home.

For larger glass surfaces we offer a range of superb squeegees too. For those hard-to-reach windowpanes, our Extendable Window Wash & Squeegee is the ideal solution for an easy and efficient clean.

With our trusted and celebrated glass and window cleaning sprays, plus our glass cleaning cloths and squeegees, you can clean and polish every glass surface and item in your house to a sparkling finish with ease. You’ll soon have your glass so clean you’ll have window cleaners looking twice.