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Cleaning Products

Whether you love or loathe cleaning… or simply love your cleaner, we can all agree that there’s a lot of cleaning products out there to choose from. That’s why our buyers test them all vigorously and only select the best to bring to you at Lakeland.

So, what are the best home cleaning products? It all comes down to how it works - it shouldn’t just do an okay job, but an incredible one. We look for consistently unbeatable performance and value for money. Our cleaning supplies out-perform those you’ll find in the supermarket and we’re proud of it. We’ve also selected our pick of the most effective natural eco cleaning products on the market.

With specialist and multi-purpose formulas, our range makes light work of all cleaning jobs around the home. Daily cleaning cupboard essentials include everything you need for the modern household: your must-have stain-removers for those muddy paw prints, laundry aids for crisp white shirts, and glass polish to keep your shower screens sparkling with our bathroom and shower cleaners. If you’re doing a deep clean we have the heavy lifters, including tap descalers, oven miracle-workers and reviving shampoos that will leave your carpets looking - and smelling - fresh and new.