AirCraft Powerglide and PowerScrub Cleaning Bundle
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AirCraft Powerglide and PowerScrub Cleaning Bundle

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Vacuums And Steam Cleaners

Carpets, tiles, laminate – whatever kind of flooring you have at home, it plays a starring role in the overall décor of your space. How it looks and how it feels underneath your feet both depend on it being fresh and clean. And it isn’t cheap either! So, it’s important to keep your floors squeaky clean so they stay in tip-top condition long into the future.

Whether you’re dealing with dropped food, pet hair or even that potentially day-ruining red wine spillage, Lakeland’s range of vacuum and steam cleaners have exactly what you need to freshen up your flooring and remove stains whenever they happen.

Win the battle against hair

No matter if it’s housemates with long hair or pets, nobody likes having to vacuum hair off the floor. Worse yet, when it gets caught up in the brush roll! That’s why here at Lakeland, we’re proud to stock a great range of Shark Anti Hair Wrap Vacuum Cleaners. These have a clever brush role that never gets tangled up with hair, letting you make light work of weekly vacuuming. In fact, they have two motorised brush rolls that work together to remove dirt embedded in your floors. And they do the business with hard floors, too!

Our cordless vacuum range has everything you need to keep carpets, laminates and other hard floors looking good as new. And without trailing wires around your home.

Vacuuming the car? Go handheld!

Crumbs on the sofa? Dirt in the footwells of your car? No need to drag out a big vacuum cleaner for a small job when a handheld vacuum cleaner will get the job done in no time. Cordless, lightweight, easy to use, and with the perfect amount of cleaning time to take on light work, the Lakeland handheld vacuum range is ideal for quickly dealing with spillages, pet hair and more. Keep your car and upholstery fresh!

Cleaning with steam

For those high traffic areas with hard floors, like the kitchen, hallway and bathroom, a steam cleaner will always get the job done faster and easier than your average mop and bucket. They can return floors to their shiny best with virtually no effort!

With a good steam cleaner, there’s no need to use harsh chemicals and expensive cleaning solutions to scrub your floors. Steam mops are great at killing germs and sanitising floors naturally, and they have a built-in water tank to get the job done with minimal refills. That’s surely better than those repeated trips back to the water bucket.

Keep your steam cleaner good as new

Like all kinds of cleaning cloths, sponges and other cleaning fabrics, eventually, you’ll have to swap out your old steam cleaner pads for fresh ones. That’s why here at Lakeland, we’re proud to stock replacement steam cleaner pads to keep your steam cleaner as effective and efficient as day one, long after you buy it.

And If you’re looking for the perfect steam cleaning products to make your floors shine, head over to our floor cleaning products range to find the best solution.

The Lakeland Guarantee

Whether you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner, all our products here at Lakeland come with a three year guarantee. We want to bring you quality products that deliver amazing results for you and your home, and that goes for our vacuum and steam cleaner range, too. So, you can browse our range of household electricals with peace of mind.