CLEANmax Handheld UV Mattress Vacuum SC04

CLEANmax Handheld UV Mattress Vacuum SC04

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Vacuum cleaners & sweepers

Keeping the carpets clean can be a tough job without the right tools but a quality vacuum cleaner can glide around the house in no time, leaving your carpets crumb-free and fresh. Our wide selection of vacuum cleaners and sweepers includes everything from powerful pet models that suck up stray hair to cordless handheld vacuums for those quick clean-ups, giving you a real range of choice.

There’s no need to invest in a separate hard floor sweeper when your vacuum cleaner can do it all. Lots of vacuums aren’t just designed for carpets; they’re handy hard floor sweepers, too, developed to tackle wood, lino and tiles so you can whizz around the whole house with just one machine. Take a look at what we’ve got to offer and shop with confidence - all of our products come with a three-year guarantee.

Cleaner carpets

Modern vacuum cleaners are more efficient than the carpet sweepers of old. With built-in technology to boost suction and clean right to the edges of every room, it’s right to expect more from your vacuum now than you might have done decades ago. Our vacuum cleaners are super suckers, tackling pet hair, spilled glitter, dried mud and everything else, to leave your carpets refreshed - but they can also help out with reaching up high to get those cobwebs from the ceiling or stretch to clean around the curves of the car. You’ll find household names like Henry and Morphy Richards in our range, so you know you’re buying from quality brands.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Pet hair can be a problem. As much as we love our cats, dogs and small furries, tidying up after them is a task that seems never-ending. If you find yourself getting the vacuum out to pick up pet hair daily and still see strands all over the place afterwards, it might be time to replace your standard vacuum cleaner with a carpet sweeper that’s designed especially to tackle hair. Shark is one of the best brands on the market for powerful vacuums that make light work of pet hair, and they’ve been developed with anti-wrap technology that keeps their brush rolls tangle free. With a unique bristle guard and comb, Shark’s pet vacuums remove long and short hair as you clean for maximum convenience. But what about pests? We’ve even got a cordless vacuum cleaner just for ridding mattresses of bedbugs, with a UV-C light to kill bacteria.

Quick clean-ups

Emergency spills and quick clean-ups call for cordless handheld vacuum cleaners. These versatile handy helpers are perfect for giving the car a once-over after a family daytrip, or for sucking up spilled cereal from the floor after the box unexpectedly bursts open. We’ve got some really powerful models in stock, so you can expect impressive suction from our handheld vacuum cleaners. Need something capable of getting into get into those hard to access nooks and crannies? Choose a cordless handheld vacuum with crevice and pet tools included to get more for your money.