AirCraft Powerglide and PowerScrub Cleaning Bundle
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AirCraft Powerglide and PowerScrub Cleaning Bundle

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AirCraft PowerGlide Scrubbing Pads – Pack of 4

AirCraft PowerGlide Scrubbing Pads – Pack of 4

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AirCraft Powerglide Replacement Pads – Pack of 4

AirCraft Powerglide Replacement Pads – Pack of 4

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Floor Polishers

Carpets are easy to clean aren’t they? You just choose the perfect vacuum cleaner for your carpet type, plug it in – or not as the case may be – and away you go for perfectly clean carpets. But what do you do with your hard floors?

Yes there’s the option of getting down on your hands and knees and giving them a good hard scrub, but that doesn’t really sound like a very enticing day’s cleaning does it? Or you could opt for an electric floor polisher that does the hard work for you and gets your hard floors looking like new every time. Now that sounds good doesn’t it?

Hard Floor Polishers from AirCraft

We simply can’t get enough of the hard floor cleaners from AirCraft. These whisper-quiet, cordless electric floor polishers will quickly and easily clean, polish and buff all your hard floors to a streak-free, professional-grade finish. And the best part? We’re talking hardly any effort from you with ultimate returns when it comes to shiny floors. Plus there’s no need for soggy mops and easy-to-knock-over buckets.

Buffing your hard floors with the help of a Shark®

Shark® really know what they’re doing when it comes to automatic mops and hard floor cleaners.

The Steam & Scrub Automatic Steam Mop has two rotating heads that power across your floors to lift and remove stuck-on dirt, surface dust, grease, grime and bacteria. It can even scrub out stains too.

With this handy piece of household cleaning equipment, you won’t get any streaky floors, dripping mop heads and spilled buckets.

Which hard floors can be cleaned?

These hard floor cleaners and wood floor polishers can clean any sealed hard floor effectively. That means hard wood floors, tiles, stone and laminate. You don’t even need to use any harsh chemicals – the combination of the heat and power pads will do all the hard work on your hard floors – meaning you can clean with just water.

How much bacteria will be cleaned from hard floors?

Now this is an important question. When you’re cleaning your home you want to make sure that you fully get all the grime and bacteria that can build up. And this is especially the case when it comes to your hard floors – as these are usually in high traffic areas of your home.

So, the good news? These floor polishes and hard wood cleaners will get rid of around 99.9% of household bacteria, making them perfect for households with furry friends that love to explore outside and bring plenty of grime with them back into the house.

How easy are these floor cleaners to use?

While this fantastic pieces of kitchen kit are packed with the latest technology – including LED lights to see under dark sofas and powerful scrubbing mechanisms – they’re simple and easy to use. Just fill up, allow it to heat up and off you go across your hard floors.

Trust us, a purchase like this will transform your cleaning routines, offering a simple solution to properly and quickly clean all your hard floors throughout your home.