Scourers and Cleaning Sponges

Whether you’re simply doing the day’s dishes or working on a particularly stubborn grease-covered casserole dish, you’ll need the best cleaning sponge or scourer to get the job done. At Lakeland, we try and make finding the everyday necessities for the home easy so we’ve put together a range of washing up sponges and scourer sponges for every type of clean.

Need something smooth and straightforward? You’ll find simple everyday cleaning sponges. Got a baked-on dish that a traditional sponge just won’t solve? Discover our scourer sponges with a little extra toughness for those persistent dishes. You can also shop for cleaning cloths for everything from microfibre to biodegradable options.

Washing up sponges

Cleaning sponges are available in a range of designs and colours from all our best cleaning brands. So, if you just need one or two or are stocking up your cleaning cupboards from scratch, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Making light work of a range of different cleaning jobs, you can use kitchen sponges for anything from the washing up or cleaning down the work surfaces to scrubbing the floors or even the car. Cleaning sponges soak up plenty of water and cleaning product to make sure your washing up liquid goes a little further while the super soft texture stays kind to your skin.

Scourer sponges

Add to your traditional kitchen sponge collection with any of our scourer sponges. Making the tougher cleaning jobs a little easier, scourer sponges for cleaning usually have a softer sponge side and a more textured abrasive side that help you to remove harder to budge and baked-on food and grease. This kind of washing up sponge is ideal when you have burnt-on food or extra greasy pots and pans but can also be used on lots of flooring for tougher dirt and stains.

We sell all the leading kitchen cleaning brands, meaning you’ll find scourer kitchen sponges and pads to suit all types of cleaning jobs. So you can stock up on your essential cleaning supplies with the best and then get scrubbing! Just remember to choose the right scourer for your surface with options like metal mesh scourer sponges or gentler no-scratch options.

Tips for cleaning a sponge

You can make your sponges for cleaning last much longer and stay fresh with just a few simple tips!

While some people pop their sponges into the top drawer of the dishwasher for a rinse, it’s actually quick and easy to wash through in a cup using boiling water and diluted bleach. Simply soak for 30 seconds and then thoroughly rinse and your sponge will be back to looking fresh and ready to use again.

Don’t forget the cleaning products

Head to our kitchen cleaning products range to find all the products you’ll need from a selection of the best brands going to keep your kitchen sparkling. From washing up liquid to surface spray and oven cleaner, your kitchen will be squeaky clean in no time.

Shop for your kitchen essentials at Lakeland and stock up on cleaning sponges and scourers for all your kitchen cleaning needs. And with all the cleaning equipment you could ever need, browse for floor mops, brushes, rubber gloves and more.