Hob Heaven Cleaning Kit 3 Replacement Blades

Hob Heaven Cleaning Kit 3 Replacement Blades

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Hob and Oven

It’s a fact of life. If you use your oven (and who doesn’t use their oven?) it’s going to get dirty and soon enough you’re going to have to clean it. And while you might feel like putting it off until you finally have to do something about it, that’s really not the best idea.

The only way to keep your kitchen sparkling and looking like new is to regularly clean your oven with the best oven cleaning products and proactively look after it with some innovative oven cleaning solutions. That’s just what you’ll find in this range at Lakeland. We’ve got the best oven cleaners, hob cleaners, ceramic hob cleaners, grill cleaners, and plenty more.

So don’t put off sorting out that hob, getting stuck into the oven or cleaning oven racks. It’s time to tackle your oven today!

Stopping your oven getting grubby in the first place

Cleaning grub, grime and grease from the hob or the inside of the oven really can be a chore. But what if we told you there was a simple solution to stop it happening in the first place?

Well, we’re telling you that there is. Reusable gas hob protectors are coated with a thick layer of non-stick lining meaning that stubborn spills and baked-on grime simply slide right off. Not only do you keep your oven hob sparkling, you can save money on unnecessary kitchen cleaning products too. And once you’re done with them simply pop them in the dishwasher for a fuss-free easy clean-up.

And at Lakeland you’ll also find non-stick oven shelves which create a barrier inside your oven to catch all the bubbled-over food and splashes, keeping your oven floor clean. Honestly, is there a better method of effective oven and hob cleaning?

Cooking with an induction hob? You’ll also find induction hob liners to prevent scratches, scuffs and marks while still maintaining conductivity.

Essential oven cleaning products for spick and span kitchens

It really is a job that no one looks forward to in the kitchen, but if you put it off for too long you’ll be up to your elbows in grease and grime.

So, with the right oven cleaning products you can keep on top of it and get your oven looking spick and span. And at Lakeland, we’ve put together this range of hob cleaners, ceramic hob cleaners and grill cleaners from the very best brands on the market, including Astonish, Oven Mate, Hob Heaven and SonicScrubber to do the hard work for you. When it comes to cleaning oven racks, we’ve even got specialist cleaners that will get those racks shimmering in no time.

How often should you clean your oven?

It’s recommended that you clean your oven every three months. Giving it a deep clean deep clean four times a year will mean it stays looking great, but that it’s also a hygienic place to cook your food. So, now’s the time to stock up on the best oven cleaners, plus a few oven cleaning solutions that will protect your oven from getting grubby in the first place.

We promise with our oven and hob cleaning range, you’ll make light work of one of the worst chores in the kitchen.