AirCraft PowerScrub Rechargeable Cordless Cleaning Kit PSCRUBWHT

AirCraft PowerScrub Rechargeable Cordless Cleaning Kit PSCRUBWHT

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AirCraft Powerglide and PowerScrub Cleaning Bundle
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AirCraft Powerglide and PowerScrub Cleaning Bundle

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Cleaning Brushes

Let’s have a conversation about brushes. And no, we don’t mean the ones you drag through your hair to get rid of tangles. Instead, we’re talking about those brushes you use to get everything, from your toilet to your tableware, looking sparkling clean.

We like to think of ourselves as brush experts here at Lakeland. Why? Because you’ll find heaps of different options for your home in our range. From cleaning brushes that’ll magically remove grime from your tiles and taps to washing up brushes that are made from sustainable materials, we’ve got all your cleaning equipment needs covered.

Squeaky clean bathrooms

It might be one of the worst chores on the list; however, cleaning your bathroom – including the toilet – really is essential. Thankfully, those dreaded tasks can be made so much easier and quicker with the right tools.

Take your pick of high-quality rubber toilet brushes, including options that come with their own storage pods and those that feature flexible brush heads. Our smaller dual-ended brushes are your new best friend when it comes to keeping your bathroom sinks clean.

Struggle with limescale on your bathroom tiles? Get rid of it in a jiffy with special grout cleaning brushes or a battery-powered scrubber. It looks just like an electric toothbrush but instead of cleaning plaque, it will get rid of pesky dirt and stains in your shower, sink or bathtub!

Dealing with dust and crumbs

Accidentally dropped a glass on the floor? Or maybe you’ve discovered what looks like a whole bread bun’s worth of crumbs beneath the breakfast table? Clearing it up is a breeze with a handy dustpan and brush.

No matter how house proud you are, removing every last speck of dust can seem like a never-ending battle. Have blinds in front of your windows? Or maybe you’ve got lots of radiators that are total dust collectors? Instead of spending hours wiping them clean, invest in one of our speciality cleaning brushes specifically designed for tricky to reach surfaces.

Breezy dishwashing

Switching from a sponge to a brush will truly revolutionise your washing up process. Hard bristles are perfect for scrubbing stubborn foods off plates and oven dishes, while moulded handles make the brushes extra comfy to hold.

Want to make your washing up routine a little eco-friendlier? Discover cleaning brushes from brands like Purus and LoofCo that are made entirely out of renewable materials. Meanwhile, our long-handled scrubbing brushes are perfect for getting into hard-to-reach places – whether that’s the bottom of a jug, a champagne flute or a reusable water bottle.

Speaking of cleaning bottles, you’ll also spot cleaning brush sets specifically for this purpose. Always liked the idea of reusable drinking straws but weren’t sure how easy they were to clean? Discover tiny brushes that have been designed exactly for that purpose.

Making cleaning your home feel less like a chore is simple with the right set of brushes. Browse our full range and prepare to give your current dusting, scrubbing and washing routine a complete overhaul.