Oxo Compact Dustpan and Brush

Oxo Compact Dustpan and Brush

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OXO Good Grips Dustpan and Brush

OXO Good Grips Dustpan and Brush

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Greener Cleaner Recycled Plastic Dustpan and Brush Set

Greener Cleaner Recycled Plastic Dustpan and Brush Set

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Folding Sweep Set – Long-Handled Broom and Pivoting Dustpan

Folding Sweep Set – Long-Handled Broom and Pivoting Dustpan

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Dustpans and Brushes

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s not that much to a dustpan and brush, that they’re all pretty much the same as each other. But allow us to change your mind.

The dustpans and cleaning brushes in our household cleaning range are intelligently designed and incorporate a host of clever, subtle features that make cleaning faster and more efficient. Whichever floor or surface you’re sweeping and whatever dirt you’re tackling, our pans and brushes will help you get the job done quickly and without any strain or undue elbow grease.

Easy to handle OXO Good Grips dustpans and brushes

OXO Good Grips was founded in 1990 by industrial designer Sam Farber to make household products that were exceptionally easy to handle and use. The OXO Good Grips dustpan and brushes are no exception.

OXO cleaning brushes feature comfortable, broad, soft-grip handles that won’t tire your hands. They’re a great choice for anyone, but they’re also suitable for people with arthritis and other conditions that can make holding household implements a challenge. On top of that, OXO dust pans feature a soft, rubberised lip that hugs the floor as you sweep. This intelligently designed feature ensures that whatever you sweep into the dustpan ends up in the pan and doesn’t form that pesky line of dirt on the floor. You know the one we’re talking about…

Standing dustpan and brushes to save your back

Apex are specialists in floor cleaning solutions. Their products take as much effort out of cleaning as possible. And it’s most evident in their iconic Apex folding sweep set.

With most dustpans and brushes, you have to crouch down and stoop to clean, which can get tiring after a time – especially if your knees or back aren’t what they used to be. Apex’s folding sweep set however consists of a brush and pan with long, full-length handles that allow you to sweep and clean without bending over. You can stand as you dust, and even better, the dust pan pivots and swings upwards as you lift it, helping to make sure nothing spills out of the pan as you move.

Eco-friendly floor cleaning

Greener Cleaner are a company committed to environmentally friendly cleaning. Our range of Greener Cleaner dustpans and brushes are made from 100% recycled materials, plus the brand donates 1% of their sales to charitable organisations supporting environmental causes.

Whilst a Greener Cleaner dustpan and brush is eco-friendly, they don’t compromise on performance. The feathered bristles of their brushes pick up as much dust as possible, whereas the soft rubber lips of their pans fit close to the floor to prevent dirt from escaping underneath as you brush.

You’ll make short work of keeping your home’s floors clean and dust free with our fantastic range of dustpans and brushes. Whether you’re looking for a standing brush and dustpan, a bath cleaning brush or an easy-to-hold dust pan and brush, we’ve got the quality, expertly designed cleaning solutions you need.

We can help take the time and effort out of cleaning with our dustpans and brushes as well as our full range of cleaning products and household cleaning equipment.