Flatmate Long Flat Duster

Flatmate Long Flat Duster

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Lakeland Hard Floor Spray Mop
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Lakeland Hard Floor Spray Mop

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Lakeland Hard Floor Spray Mop Bundle

Lakeland Hard Floor Spray Mop Bundle

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Brooms, Mops and Buckets

When it comes to caring for your home, there are few things more satisfying than a newly cleaned floor, whether it’s wooden boards, natural stone, tiles or vinyl. And with more of us opting for hard floors than ever, efficient cleaning tools are a must.

As good as they look though, hard floors can quickly get dirty, especially in busy areas of your home, like the kitchen and hallways. And wooden, stone, tiled and vinyl floors show that dirt too – there really is nowhere for dust or stains to hide.

But floor mops, brushes and accessories have come a long way in recent years. Today, they promise features that make cleaning faster, easier and far less strenuous. And at Lakeland we’ve brought together the best for you to choose from. Our range of floor cleaning solutions include spin/twist mops, manual sweepers, brooms and floor spray mops, all selected for excellent results and maximum performance.

Sweep hard floors clean with a modern broom or sweep

The first step of cleaning the hard floors in your home is brushing them to collect and remove dust, fluff, hair and other collected detritus. You can make that job a quick and easy one with one of our high-performance brooms or sweeps.

Far more than just a stick with a head of bristles on it, our modern brooms and sweeps are made from lightweight materials and bristles that dirt practically sticks to. We’ve got brooms with telescopic handles, folding sweeps for easy storage, even a battery-powered broom that collects dirt without needing a dustpan.

We also stock a range of floor dusters too, both hand dusters and mop dusters, that make ridding your floors and other surfaces of dust and hair a breeze.

Polish hard floor to a shine with a high-performance floor mop

Once you’ve cleaned your hard floors of dust and dirt, by far the best way to cut through tough grime and bring your floor to a sparkling finish is with a good mop and bucket.

And mopping your floors doesn’t have to be hard work – not with one of our high-performance floor cleaning mops. Our floor mops include mops with traditional-style string mop heads, with microfibre pads and dust scrubbing pads. These AirCraft Powerglide and PowerScrub mops have multiple heads that can clean, buff and polish your hard floors with just one mop.

We stock replacement heads and pads for all our Lakeland mops and mop systems too, so you won’t be left with a dirty floor and a mop with a head that’s past its best.

The right bucket for your mop

You’ll need a suitable mop bucket or mop caddy to go with your mop too. Some of our mops come with integrated caddies, but our standalone buckets and caddies are also suitable for a range of mops. Our favourites include in-built wringers and wheels to make squeezing mops dry quick, easy and fun, as well as mop buckets with wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

With our fantastic selection of brooms and sweeps, floor cleaning mops and buckets, plus our full range of mop and cleaning accessories, you’ll find everything you need at Lakeland to keep your hard floors sparkling clean.