Smart String Telescopic Floor Mop

Smart String Telescopic Floor Mop

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If you have hard floors in your home, they’re going to get grubby. We all know the feeling of getting the kitchen floor gleaming just for the dog to trail muddy footprints back into the house. Or for spills to play havoc with your clean floors.

What you need is a good mop in your floor cleaning arsenal. Mops have been go-to cleaning accessories for years and with good reason. They’re simple to use and they get the job done with minimal fuss every time. And with new innovations like steam mops and spray mops, the humble mop has come a long way.

In this collection of mops at Lakeland, you’ll find all you need to get a beautiful shine on your floors. We’ve got the best new steam mops, our very own Lakeland spray mops and Leifheit mops, plus mops and buckets for some classic mopping action.

It’s time to get a little steamy

Steam mops are great innovations. Honestly we love them at Lakeland, and that’s why we stock the best steam mops from brands like Shark.

A steam mop not only cleans your floors to perfection – we’re talking 99.9% of household bacteria – but it does so without the need to use harsh chemicals on your floor making it ideal if you have little ones and furry friends at home. It also means no need to carry around a mop bucket full of water and no potential splashes and spills. Just check that your hard floor is sealed, and you’re good to go with your new steam mop.

Spray mops for sparkling floors

Now there’s no need to lug around a heavy bucket and wrestle with a sopping wet mop every time you clean your hard floors.

Introducing a hard floor spray mop. Our Lakeland Hard Floor Spray Mop has its own on-board water tank and a straightforward trigger spray operation meaning it’s much easier to get your floors back to their sparkling best. Without a mop bucket, any hassle or any mess.

Keeping it classic with a mop and bucket

There’s nothing wrong at all with keeping it classic with a traditional mop and bucket. You just need to make sure you have the best quality mop on the market. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in our range at Lakeland.

A Leifheit mop equipped with a wringing basket fitted into the mop bucket will mean a mop head that’s not too damp, and that’s ready to do its job properly without soaking your floor or leaving it covered with splashes and drips. The long and short microfibre strings on the mop head means it picks up and holds every particle of dirt from your floors. The flat disc design and swivel head also mean you can get under furniture and into corners with ease.

Say goodbye to grubby floors and hello to a sparkling home with the range of floor cleaning solutions at Lakeland. From steam mops and mops and buckets, to spray mops and more we’ve got everything you need for super clean floors.