Kitchen bins and bathroom bins don't have to be the unsightly side of waste disposal. They can be a handsome addition to any room in the home. From handy table-top bins for teabags and egg-shells to trusty stand-alone pedal bins or compost bins, these easy to use and easy to clean essentials are impossible to do without.

Bins come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you want to be discreet or daring you'll find the perfect way to dispose of your rubbish without compromising your taste and style. From slimline bins that hug the wall so your kitchen floor space is saved, to sensor bins that can open even when your hands are full or handy recycling bins that have more than one compartment for easy waste separation we have a bin for you.

With a wide choice of sizes, colours and brands we stock bins from brands including Brabantia, simplehuman and Wesco who offer retro styling in bright colours. Once you've selected your bin why not browse our collection of bin liners, many of which as designed to be the perfect fit for our range of bins.