We've updated our website so that you can decide which cookies we use. Our website provides the best service when all cookies are enabled – without them, important parts of the website will not work and we can’t check that our site is working properly for you. We will however always honour your preference and only read or write to cookies based on the settings you choose.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files that are transferred to your computer when you visit websites. To enhance your shopping experience, so we can ensure our site works fully for you, and so you see our best offers, we recommend they are enabled. To find out more please check What are cookies

What do cookies do?

  • Store the contents of your shopping basket as you proceed through checkout.
  • Enable you to ‘log in’ to your account so you can see information relating to your orders and manage your account.
  • Record the areas in our site you have visited and for how long, as well as which products you viewed and purchased. We use this to help us improve our website so that it’s easy to use and so we can improve the services we provide. It also helps us to recommend relevant products and offers on our website and adverts you may be interested in on other websites.

Are our cookies safe?

  • Yes – they don’t harm your computer.
  • Yes – they do not contain any information that could be used by others to identify you personally.
  • Yes – they do not contain any confidential details such as your email address or payment details.

Can I turn cookies off?

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and so we can provide the best possible service. They’re an essential part of how our website works, and to ensure it works properly for you, we recommend that they are enabled, but you’re in control, and we will only use them with your consent. You can manage which cookies you would like us to use by updating your preferences here

If you would prefer us not to store cookies on your computer, you can change the settings below, or by using DNT (Do Not Track) features available in some browsers. You can find out how to do this in the ‘Help’ section of your browser. If you choose to turn cookies off we can’t check the website is working properly for you. You can be assured the cookies we use are safe.

Our use of advertisements

You may see adverts for Lakeland products when you visit other websites. We allow other companies, called third-party ad servers or networks, to serve these advertisements on our behalf. We do not provide any personal customer information to these advertisers or third-party websites.

Currently, we work with the following safe and trusted third-party ad network: We allow Criteo to place their cookies when visitors come to the Lakeland website. Their cookies let us monitor which adverts you see and interact with and allow Criteo to apply personalised targeting technology and banners – this means you see what’s most relevant to you based on products you appear to be interested in.

For more information on how Criteo uses cookie data, see their privacy policy at You will also find information here on how to prevent being cookie retargeted.

The cookies we use at Lakeland

The cookies we use help us to enhance your shopping experience. Enabling cookies enhances your visit to our website, lets us check everything is working properly, and enables us to give you a more personalised web experience, such as helping us to show you products and offers we believe will interest you. They are 100% safe and secure and we recommend they are switched on.

The five types of cookies we use are explained below:

These cookies are always enabled as they make sure essential features, like the shopping basket, work as they should. Essential cookies allow us to:

  • Ensure the site works properly so it’s easy to shop.
  • Make sure the correct items are kept in your basket.
  • Select the right version of our website for your computer, whether it’s a PC, ipad, mobile phone or other device.

These cookies do not gather personal information or remember where you’ve been on the internet. If your browser is set to refuse these cookies, our site may not work correctly.

Cookie name Purpose
JSESSIONID Allows our site to respond correctly as you search, browse and purchase. Without it the site will not work.
Currentchannel Makes sure that you can correctly browse the mobile and desktop versions of our site from your computer and mobile devices.
cookies_policy Stores the choices you make on this page, ensuring that we respect your preferences for cookie placement.
MVT Periodically we test new offers, features and promotions; this cookie indicates which of these tests you are currently eligible for.
ARRAffinitySameSite This cookie is required for our web chat facility to function.

These cookies help us to tailor your visit to make your online shopping experience better. Lakeland customer cookies allow us to:

  • Remember what’s in your basket between visits.
  • Make sure you’re shown the best available offers and promotions.
  • Make the most relevant product and category suggestions for you.
Cookie name Purpose
Basket This cookie remembers the items in your basket, so that when you revisit the site later it is quicker for you to continue to shop and checkout.
RETURNING_VISITOR Identifies if your browser has visited our site previously.
recently_viewed_products Holds a list of the last few products you have viewed on our site so they can be displayed at the bottom of the page – please note that the cookie does not store any identifiable information, and the list can be cleared at any time using the button on each webpage.
bn_u, bnTrail These two cookies store information at which products you browse and purchase. This information is anonymous, we don't track you as an individual, and is used to recommend products you may be interested in as you browse the site.
Please note: this data is not used outside the Lakeland site (e.g. in adverts).
LAK_UI Lakeland User Experience' cookies are used across the site to enhance your user experience. They do not gather personal information and do not build a profile on your activity, they are simply used to remember preferences you may have set when interacting with multimedia content e.g. switching sound on/off or expanding/collapsing menus.
m, n, tppf, s, ric, prooc, coo, uc, sthc, mrdu, rp2er, avf, atrhc, Cv, ca, pendprch, psthc, uhs, p, pv, utidc, mvtid These cookies are used by Rich Relevance to improve your shopping experience by providing you with personalised product reccomendations accross the website.

We use an industry standard website analysis tool called 'Adobe Analytics' for this purpose together with a leading website intelligence tool called ‘Celebrus’. In addition to this, we use software called 'Hotjar' to further understand user interaction with the website and improve user experience. The data stored is entirely secure and will not be given to any other company. These tools help us to do the following:

  • Raise the standard of our service by understanding how our customers use our site.
  • Help identify any errors so we can fix them.
  • Gather information which helps us continually improve our website and marketing communications.
Cookie name Purpose
s_pers, s_sess, sc_v7, sc_v29, s_vi, s_vi,gqfjh These cookies are used by an analytics engine to measure performance and site usage.
_ga, _ga_, _gcl_, _gac_, _gads These cookies are used by an google analytics engine to measure performance and site usage.
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __itmz These cookies are used by an analytics engine to measure performance and site usage.
id, __gads, _drt_ These cookies are used by Google (, to give us information on how visitors use our site, after they have seen our adverts on other sites.
lakepersisted,lakesession These cookies are used by Celebrus to give us information on how visitors use our site.
_hjClosedSurveyInvites, _hjDonePolls, _hjMinimizedPolls, _hjDoneTestersWidgets, _hjMinimizedTestersWidgets, _hjIncludedInSample These cookies are used by Hotjar to give us information on how visitors use our site.
ABTasty, ABTastySession These cookies are used by ABTasty to help us test new website features and improve user experience.
com.silverpop.iMAWebCookie, com.silverpop.iMA.page_visit, com.silverpop.iMA.session These cookies are used by Acoustic (formely Silverpop) to analyse the performance of our email marketing campaigns.

So that we can offer you all features of our website and provide the best user experience, we recommend that these cookies are enabled. Third-party cookies allow us to do the following:

  • Show you the most relevant Lakeland products, offers and adverts when you visit the Lakeland website or other sites.
  • Make sure you get cash back if you purchase through affiliated cash-back websites and, if you subscribe to loyalty systems such as Nectar, make sure you’re awarded your points.
Cookie name Purpose
uid, OACBLOCK, OACCAP, evt, ulc, udc, udi, dis These cookies are used by Criteo, they store information on the products and pages you view in order to show you relevant products in adverts on other sites.
Please note you can opt-out of Criteo (for us and all other sites that use it) by visiting their Privacy Policy page, just use the "user choices" box on the page.
aw1751 This cookie is used by Affiliate Window to track your referral when you purchase from us via a 3rd party website.
JSESSIONID, SESSION, SP_IDENTITY, SP_PAGE_VISIT, VIEW This is used by our Marketing email provider to give us information on how email visitors use our site. Please note: if you disable these cookies you will not be able to edit your email preferences or signup to our email newsletters without first logging into your Lakeland account, alternatively you can contact us.

Allow you to share our website pages with social networks such as Facebook. For example, when viewing a product on our website you may see a ‘like’ button. By clicking this, you will share the product on your Facebook page and Facebook will add a cookie to your computer.

Use the form below to manage which cookies you would like us to use to help improve your Lakeland shopping experience.