GreenPan Venice Pro 20cm Frying Pan


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    GreenPan Venice Pro 20cm Frying Pan


    "great little pan"
    Mrs Christine Ryder

    04 November 2019

    ideal size for fried eggs or cooking for one. Excellent non stick without the chemical smell you get from some non stick pans. Will buy more pans in this range.

    GreenPan Venice Pro 20cm Frying Pan


    "Fantastic little frying pan"
    Mr Chartres

    02 March 2019

    I have long wanted to try one of the "Green Pans" and decided to buy the small frying pan. It is fantastic, no oil needed, nothing sticks and easy to clean. Follow the instructions for use and you can't go wrong! I have an induction hob and use it on the small ring with no problems.

    GreenPan Venice Pro 20cm Frying Pan


    Mrs Moseley

    27 February 2019

    I have an induction hob. The pan stops heating after a short while and the hob turns off. My other induction pans work OK. I shall be returning it.

    A person icon A note from the team

    We're sorry this was unsuitable - a number of things can affect the performance on an induction hob - if the pan is too small for the hob it will shut off as the sensor won't detect it, the heat setting could be too low and the pan needs to be in the center.

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