Zyliss Twist and Scoop Grapefruit Tool

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Product number: 73052

The Zyliss Twist and Scoop Grapefruit Tool has been discontinued.


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    Zyliss Twist and Scoop Grapefruit Tool


    "Grapefruit juice floods"

    01 February 2018

    According to the video one turns the half-grapefruit face down and cores it. Unfortunately the core is not as straight as one would expect. Result: juice floods the plate and work-surface too. The scoop can't cope with different sizes of segments and more flooding follows. After several grapefruit tries I have returned to using grapefruit spoons.

    A person icon A note from the team

    The corer must be twisted as soon as it comes into contact the grapefruit, and then continue to twist as you push down to remove the core. It sounds like you may be pushing the corer straight down into the grapefruit (which squishes the grapefruit against the plate resulting in juicy mess) and then twisting. We find it doesn’t matter so much that the core isn’t straight, it removes all of the centre of the grapefruit on everyone we have tested. If the scoop is larger than some single segments on smaller grapefruits, it will easily remove two at a time. There will be some juices squeezed out in the process of removing the segments but the key to minimal mess is to ensure the scoop is pushed down vertically between the rind and the segment and then scoop underneath the segment pushing towards the centre to remove it. We hope you find these tips helpful.

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