Anolon Professional 3-Piece Lidded Saucepan Set


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    Anolon Professional 3-Piece Lidded Saucepan Set


    "Want more"
    James Scobbie

    14 August 2020

    it's not often that I want to re-purchase something I've had before, but these pans were great. We kept them too long, really, but they were robust and hard-wearing. Moving away from gas to induction, though... and we had to get rid. Now I am looking for a new set, for induction, but with COVID I suppose they are "not currently available". I will probably wait, to get something I know is high quality and well-priced.

    Anolon Professional 3-Piece Lidded Saucepan Set


    "anolon saucepans"
    Mrs kerr

    04 February 2019

    Lovely saucepans to look at. Easy to clean but what a disappointment when using them. Unable to put too much in as the water boils over even leaving lids half on /half off and its even worse putting lids on completely. The handles become very hot ( dangerously so especially if you forget and pick one up without protecting your hand. lovely to look at ,easy to use but certainly not safe or practical

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