Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


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    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "smaler than I thoughtl"
    Mrs blackledge

    01 March 2020

    Bought this to make the ladybug cake which I did and turned out ok but was much smaller than I thought and appeared on recipe, bought middle size tin, tested it out before making cake and glad I did as cake was a bit greasy on the dome decided I had perhaps put a little too much grease on tin which I corrected next time. The most annoying thing though was that the recipe sleeve it came with stated to use no more than a 2 egg recipe but the recipe given for the cake told you to use 3 eggs! I used a 3 egg mixture but didn't fill it to the top which it advises you not to do.

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Non stick pan!"
    Mrs Tsang

    26 September 2019

    Pan was non stick and easy to remove cake! So happy with my purchase! Perfect size too

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Perfectly round cakes"
    Mrs A Poulton

    06 June 2019

    I bought the small and medium pans to make a cake for a 6 year old. Very happy with the trial run, the results were excellent, but a little confused with the recipe. The packaging says a 2 egg mixture for the medium and 1 egg for the small, and fill to 2/3rds. Your recipes are 3 egg and this fills the pan to the top, and the results are much better. It may mean levelling off the surface but the two halves go together better when sandwiched. The rounded surface is a marvel and makes icing much easier.

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Round cakes made easy"
    Mr Kelly-Rees

    21 May 2019

    This product is perfect for making round cakes as well as the half shape for animals etc... would recommend to all if I was to give a tip it would be to grease the inside of the pan lightly with butter just incase the sponge sticks but I do that with all cake pans as personal preference.

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Thrilled with this!"

    03 February 2019

    I am so pleased with this and I wish I had bought the larger one as well. I would advise a practise run first as it tipped when I put in the oven the first time I used it. I overcame that by placing it on a yorkshire pudding ring. I buttered well and floured the interior as per the instructions and with one shake the cake came out perfectly intact. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Needs a stabiliser ring in oven"
    Mrs Mitchell

    27 January 2019

    I read all the reviews so I knew using this would take some practise and a stabiliser ring to keep it upright during baking. Coeliac husband wants a Christmas Pudding cake for Christmas 2019 and so far I'm thinking he's going to have his cake and eat it thanks to this pan, I'm quite happy with it. Easy clean-up after yet another practise run, no warping or staining after about six goes with it. The only way this could be bettered would be if Lakeland offered a stabiliser ring to go with the pan.

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    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Perfect !"
    Mrs Goodwin

    12 January 2019

    These were fab.I made a sticky toffee pudding in two halves and put it together in a Xmas pudding shape for Xmas day for those not keen on Xmas pudding.Worked i really well.

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Good quality"
    Mrs Phillips

    15 December 2018

    Not yet used this but very good quality build

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Great tins for cake baking."
    Mrs Merriott

    22 September 2018

    Have bought all sizes of hemisphere cake tins. They are brilliant for making party cakes for children. The cakes don’t stick in the tins either. Worth every penny.

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    "Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan"
    Mrs Tholen

    24 November 2017

    Works perfectly with either a sponge cake, or a fruit cake. Easy to balance in the oven on a cutting ring on a cooking tray. Easy to clean afterwards.

    Medium Hemisphere Cake Pan


    Mrs Benest

    30 October 2017

    Good quality baking tin. Greased the tin well and cake come out without any problems. Perfect for the birthday cake I was making and this shape will ideal for all sorts of different cakes. Only problem I had first time I used it was I put it straight on the oven shelf and when I checked the cake it had slightly toppled over! So straightened it up and put it on a baking tray with a round cake tin to keep it upright. No problems after that!

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