Lakeland Fridge Freezer Thermometer


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    Lakeland Fridge Freezer Thermometer


    "Excellent Simple Product"
    Mrs Chaplin

    07 February 2019

    Excellent product such good value for money. A simple to read, compact thermometer. Such an essential item which does not take up any space yet does the job.

    Lakeland Fridge Freezer Thermometer


    "Not great"
    Leah Farrow

    09 February 2018

    Unfortunately I didn't find this thermometer reliable or accurate.

    A person icon A note from the team

    We're sorry the thermometer didn't meet with your expectations and trust you've been able to find a suitable alternative - following our offer of help.

    Lakeland Fridge Freezer Thermometer


    "Fine & dandy"
    Mrs Chalmers

    31 December 2017

    I purchased a 2nd freezer which doesn't have a thermometer so wanted something to give me a guide. This is neat and does the job.

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