Magimix Le Micro Mini Chopper Satin 18115

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Product number: 70784

The Magimix Le Micro Mini Chopper Satin 18115 has been discontinued.


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    Magimix Le Micro Mini Chopper Satin 18115


    "Kitchen essential"
    Mrs Coultas

    04 February 2020

    This little gadget is so handy for whizzing up onion, herbs and garlic etc for curry pastes or making a few breadcrumbs. It's easy to clean, compact and looks good too! I ordered by phone and it was delivered promptly.

    Magimix Le Micro Mini Chopper Satin 18115


    "WHICH’s Best Buy. I wish I had bought it years ago!"
    Mrs Wharton

    03 July 2017

    This is my first food processor ever. I can’t believe now how I managed without it, I use it every day. It grates cheese, carrots and nuts and makes breadcrumbs in seconds and saves me considerable time and effort. I also use it for making pancake batters and for creaming butter and sugar for cakes. It is very compact so stays on the worktop. The only downside is that when blending liquids I have to keep my hand over the top of the unit to prevent splashing, but this is a very minor problem. I am delighted with my purchase.

    Magimix Le Micro Mini Chopper Satin 18115


    "Not worth the additional cost"
    Jenny Herd

    16 July 2015

    After having been happy with a Kenwood mini chopper for years, until the lid got broken, and being very happy indeed with my 4200XL Magimix food processor, I decided to splash out on this Magimix micro. What a disappointment. Essentially it is not better than the Kenwood and is much more than twice the price. It does not cope well with small quantities, esp of a drier texture, and so you frequently have to open it and push food down from the sides. In addition it leaves food at the very bottom unchopped as the blades skim over the top. Very disappointing.

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