De'longhi Sforna Tutto Maxi Mini Oven DO32852

4.8 stars out of 5 based on reviews. (4 reviews)

Product number: 70582

The De'longhi Sforna Tutto Maxi Mini Oven DO32852 has been discontinued.


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    De'longhi Sforna Tutto Maxi Mini Oven DO32852


    "De'longhi Sforna Tutto Maxi Mini Oven"
    Mr Crowther

    03 December 2019

    Bought this from Lakeland at the end of July this year and have been using it on a daily basis ever since. An absolute belter of an oven for those limited with space in their kitchen. No hesitation in giving this product 5*. One reviewer says he's gutted on price....I'm not and I'm a Yorkshireman. You get what you pay for and, in this case, you pay for quality with a capital Q......

    De'longhi Sforna Tutto Maxi Mini Oven DO32852


    "Latest upgrade on a mini oven"
    Mrs Maurien Elwell

    19 January 2019

    Very pleased so far. The oven surfaces seem to be possible to clean - the last mini oven was impossible. An oven on the work top is much better for me as I use a wheelchair quite a lot (MS sufferer) Husband & I are both 82 find it very convenient and only use the main oven when visitors come. Family then take over. For a family of 2 it seems to be much less wasteful on power use.

    De'longhi Sforna Tutto Maxi Mini Oven DO32852


    "Fantastic oven ( Though gutted on price)"
    David Boardman

    27 November 2015

    What can I say waited months & months for Lakeland to reduce the price of this oven. Then about 3 weeks after paying full price from Handforth store, Lakeland decide to knock £80 off the price for Black Friday, making this Friday very Black for me. Gutted isn't the word. However the oven is great works as it should giving excellent results. I have scored it 4 stars as it's not possible to cook anything above a 2 kilo Chicken on the rotisserie with wings removed, otherwise it will catch on the elements when turning. Did a ham in the oven and came out perfect.

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. I'm sorry that you'd missed out on the black Friday deal but we're glad to hear that the oven is doing all you expected.

    De'longhi Sforna Tutto Maxi Mini Oven DO32852


    Mrs stephanie redfern

    26 November 2015

    Can't rate this highly enough it is the best mini oven ever .It has class style & cooks beautifully have been trying to find this in UK for well over 2 yrs .It is new over here ( I have 2 more abroad same make ) I only have one problem that the dials are very hard to move .Have questioned it so will have to wait & see If anyone out there has the same problem will be very interested .Have spoken to Delonghi - too new even for them !!! .Update after 2 days the timer dial went click moves easily now just waiting for the temperature dial to do the same

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