PREPR Manual Tin Can Opener

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Product number: 70313

The PREPR Manual Tin Can Opener has been discontinued.


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    PREPR Manual Tin Can Opener


    "One big flaw"
    Mr Bull

    28 January 2016

    This can opener works fine, but has a huge flaw. It works by cutting the top off of the can, and bites into the cylinder of the can. This has a huge negative as it also will cut off a long, very thin ribbon of paper packaging with it. This ends up in your food, and you have to pick strands of it out of your bowl of baked beans. The other big downside is that, again, it cuts the whole top of the can off. So make sure you are opening your can on a surface so it doesn't fall a few feet to the ground. Would not buy again, and you have to decide whether these disadvantages make you want it either.

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thanks for placing your review. We're sorry this particular can opener doesn't work as well as you were expecting. We'll be in touch shortly to put things right.

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