Sage The Fresh and Furious Blender SBL620SIL


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    Sage The Fresh and Furious Blender SBL620SIL


    "Superb machine"
    Miss Higginbottom

    18 January 2021

    I bought this machine mainly for smoothies, however you can use the other settings. It’s been worth every penny for me as I use it almost on a daily basis. I love the auto clean function. Just pop some warm water in and it cleans the jug and lid. The only reason for the 4 stars is the loud noise. Wow, it’s noisy. Overall a great machine I will have for years to come.

    Sage The Fresh and Furious Blender SBL620SIL


    "Heartfelt Recommendation"
    Mrs Kimmins

    25 June 2020

    As a matter of history, this is the fourth blender that I've had from Lakeland and I must say it is undoubtedly way out the best! For instance, it makes light work of transforming seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruit into the most highly palatable - and healthy - mixtures. Very sturdy and reliable. Good looking and a pleasure to have in the kitchen. Way up to your high standards. Thank you Lakeland.

    Sage The Fresh and Furious Blender SBL620SIL


    "Useful and versatile blender"
    Dr Hilary kent

    18 May 2020

    This fresh and furious blender has a large jug with a well fitting lid, allowing for both small individual recipes (such as a smoothie) or larger batches of sauces to be prepared. The green smoothie setting allows for a quick preparation of smoothies, and does so well - not leaving large chucks of ingredients including when incorporating cruciferous vegetables like kale. The blender is aesthetically pleasing, without being too large and cumbersome. The control panels are clear and easy to both understand and use. It is easy to clean and maintain. Overall this product is useful and versatile.

    Sage The Fresh and Furious Blender SBL620SIL


    "Fabulous Fresh and Furious"
    Ms Smalley

    14 January 2020

    This is a substantial machine, the jug is extremely robust, is nice to pour from and is easily cleaned. The instruction booklet is quite detailed and how to remove the lid easily is buried within, although doesn't have any recipe ideas. The blender itself is well designed with the one touch buttons to crush ice etc and the digital timer easy to read. However, this is a large blender with a powerful motor which was louder than I anticipated! I have made smoothies and slushies and my homemade soup came out really silky. It is perfect to help you get your five a day fruit and veg.

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