3-Tier Kitchen Trolley Cream


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    3-Tier Kitchen Trolley Cream


    "Very Nice Addition"
    Miss Badkin

    21 September 2020

    I needed something compact (and cute) for my very small kitchen in my apartment and this fit the bill. Despite the slight struggle marrying up the holes in two places where the screws needed to go, it's absolutely perfect for my kitchen needs.I love it!

    3-Tier Kitchen Trolley Cream


    "Really practical and sturdy..."

    21 July 2020

    ...but not necessarily so easy to put together. I had major issues with fitting one caster, as the machining of the screw thread was poor. I had to struggle with it for nearly two hours; lubricating it with pencil lead helped. A good screwdriver and patience is definitely required. A small adjustable spanner would have helped too: I bent the included fitting tool in no time, as it was very poor quality. The end product is excellent though!

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