Zoku Waffle Cone Maker BLA-1002

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Product number: 61791

The Zoku Waffle Cone Maker BLA-1002 has been discontinued.


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    Zoku Waffle Cone Maker BLA-1002


    "So glad I bought this product"
    Hazel Robertson

    10 August 2020

    I've been looking for something like this for a long time and I am not disappointed. It does what it says, and the recipe on the Lakeland blog is fantastic. The only thing I would recommend is the need for using heat proof gloves while shaping the cones. Love it.

    Zoku Waffle Cone Maker BLA-1002



    03 August 2020

    Tried everything to make crispy cones but if you make the waffle crisp it breaks. If you leave any moisture in it, it does not go crisp. I tried thick and thin waffles to try to make baskets for fruit & ice cream, but really it's just a pancake maker that you could make easily in a frying pan.

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    We’re very sorry to hear it didn't meet your expectations and will be in touch shortly to sort this for you

    Zoku Waffle Cone Maker BLA-1002


    "Just had mine delivered and used it for the first time today"
    Mr Purnell

    07 May 2020

    I have to tell others that the product photo gives the impression that the cone former is metal, it is not. It lacks quality weight and because it is so light there is a certain technique that has to be used which isn't explained and you kind of learn it through your mistakes. The waffle maker is pretty basic but okay, pretty much like the old sandwich toasters from the 70's. To improve the item I would have liked a better cone former with a forming plate and a recipe for the cone batter. THANK YOU Lakeland for the website recipe which was delicious! Please make recipes printer friendly though

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    The product itself is a good quality with cast aluminium waffle plates. We will review the images on the website as it’s not clear on the first one the cone is plastic. We've not seen a similar product with a cone that is metal they’re all plastic, but will make sure your comments are passed on

    Zoku Waffle Cone Maker BLA-1002


    "Delicious and easy!"
    Mrs Macgregor

    11 December 2019

    Very easy to use and makes delicious, professional looking waffles even the first time it was used!

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    This review has been written by a mylakeland club member who received a free product sample from us, along with a request for their honest opinion, good or bad, because our customers’ feedback is invaluable to us in building our range

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