Vintage-Look Wooden Chalkboard Crate

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Product number: 61475

The Vintage-Look Wooden Chalkboard Crate has been discontinued.


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    Vintage-Look Wooden Chalkboard Crate


    "Nice box, fun for the non-diy expert."
    Ms Ruth Turner

    24 June 2019

    This is an attractive rustic crate, especially for display. It won't hold much weight, but I don't think that's its job. It took me about 40 minutes to assemble, mainly because I could've used an extra pair of hands to hold all the pieces in place. The instructions say no electric screwdriver, and I can see why, but it would have been easier. 16 screws is a lot for me! I was impressed that I didn't damage it, as the wood isn't very tough - a small piece has splintered off the base, but I think it's OK. I wondered whether to glue it, but decided not to. All I need now is a piece of chalk.

    Vintage-Look Wooden Chalkboard Crate


    "So cute!"

    13 June 2019

    I saw this in store and instantly bought it, it’s so much nicer in person and goes together really easily using a screwdriver. There’s chalkboard both ends, the box looks really good and is roomy enough to store paperwork, toys or whatever. I will be buying more :)

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