Peppermint Bark

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Product number: 60951

The Peppermint Bark has been discontinued.


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    Peppermint Bark


    "American candy"
    Gretchen Stevens

    09 January 2018

    This is the real thing and absolutely delicious!

    Peppermint Bark


    "Ignore the size of the tin!"
    Hazel Johnston

    30 November 2017

    This was an early Christmas present to myself! I shouldn't have payed so much attention to the size of the tin but more to the weight written on the tin - my fault. However, as I was so annoyed with myself I set about doing some measurements - and if I am right - the tin has 23% in volume of chocolate in the tin! I have just tried it and it is delicious, I mean really delicious! So if you love peppermint bark you'll love this though am not American it's strictly from a British taste buds perspective!

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