Brabantia Stackable Laundry Box Pepper Black 35L


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    Brabantia Stackable Laundry Box Pepper Black 35L


    "Really great, fit in a very small corner."
    Mrs Warry

    24 November 2020

    These are a perfect size, as they hold well over one laundry load each, and they do indeed stack well. The design is perfect for us, they just sit in a corner beside some drawers. We had tried lots of other types, but they either fell apart (metal frame ones) got chewed by the dogs (wood or wicker) or were too soft and got made into impromptu dog beds over night! (Fabric ones, even the ones that were supposed to stand up). These are the first that haven't been trashed within weeks. Highly recommended if your dogs have access to the laundry baskets.

    Brabantia Stackable Laundry Box Pepper Black 35L


    "Good product but I don't expect it to last a lifetime"
    Mr McEwan

    21 July 2019

    After owning a series of woven laundry baskets I wanted something a bit more sturdy and discreet. These laundry boxes from Brabantia are quite small and relatively expensive but benefit from being stackable and compact. I have three stacked on top of each other with one for darks, one for lights and one for separates. I've had them for a few months now and they are proving to be a good buy. However, whilst the blurb suggests that it will "be functional for a lifetime" I think that is an over-claim. The fabric 'hinges' are already showing signs of wear and tear after only minimal use.

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