Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


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    Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


    Mrs de Mendonca

    04 March 2019

    Bought this for my daughter in law. It’s exactky what she’s been looking for for ages. She says it’s absolutely perfect! The right size and light weight and looks good too

    Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


    "Party jug"
    Mrs Tina Wilkinson

    22 July 2017

    Just purchased this jug. Looks amazing on the table filled with Pimms. I really like this product and would recommend it. My only criticism is the weight when it's full, but it's not really a problem as it's a big jus anyway, so you would expect that.

    Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


    "Fantastic - just not for fresh lemonade!"
    Louise Pescod

    04 March 2014

    This jug together with the rest of the party proof range is fantastic. We have had this, both sizes of tumblers, and the wine glasses for some time now and they definitely stand the test of time and three children! Just don't make fresh lemonade in the jug, when I did this it permanently marked the inside of the jug, presumable because of the acidity in the lemons.

    Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


    "Best acrylic jug I have ever used"

    21 June 2013

    This review is for an older version of this product

    I bought this jug a few years ago because my sister-in-law in the UK had one. It has been used for every day use, for adult parties, for children's parties and is a brilliant Pimms jug. I am now planning to buy this to bring 3 overseas as I cannot find anything like this anywhere in Asia or near Asia. So if you are based in the UK, consider yourself very lucky that you have access to such a great product at your doorstep. The wine glasses and other acrylic products also are some of the best I have ever seen and everyone we have visit in Singapore mentions how good the quality is.

    Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


    "Fantastic purchase"

    16 May 2012

    This is a fantastic, great quality product, like everything else Lakeland sell. We'll be using it every day, I fill it with water and put a couple of lemon slices in it and the kids help themselves throughout the day. I cover it with Lakeland 23cm Beaded Bowl Cover, it makes the jug look even better!

    Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


    "I love this jug!"
    Mrs Mishchuk

    10 February 2012

    I bought this jug as I wanted a jug of water on our dining table that everyone could help themselves to at mealtimes, as I was having to get up from the table to refill glasses. I wanted a clear jug that would not be easily to knock over or break. I'm so pleased I bought this one! It sits on our dining table all day. I fill it in the morning & by the lunchtime the water has come up to room temperature and so is much nicer to drink. The jug was larger than I'd expected and so is too big for my 6 year old to help himself to at the moment. Am placing an order for another one for my Mum.

    Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


    "Perfect garden party jug"

    15 December 2011

    We have found this jug to be ideal, it is elegant, pours well, is large enough but is also very light. It is ideal for garden parties and you can let children use it without worrying about it breaking. We now have 2 and have even put our large old but lovely water jug away as it just too heavy.

    Party Proof Plastic Unbreakable Glassware - 2L Jug


    Ms Kanaouti

    25 June 2011

    I'm afraid it arrived scratched - which may show it can be scratched very easily. The two scratches are very precise - one of them near the 'line' that the material was glued together, in the pouring area, and the other near the handle. Being precise, they could have happened even in the factory. The issue is that they compromise serving guests. Nice form, but on retrospect, glass would be better.

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thanks for your review, and for letting us know that the jug arrived scratched. We'll be in touch about this.

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