Rotho Albula Recycling Waste Bin Latte Colour - 25L


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    Rotho Albula Recycling Waste Bin Latte Colour - 25L


    "I like them a latte"

    25 July 2020

    Attractive or subdued enough that you don’t hate to have them on display - and therefore always within easy reach- even in open plan kitchens. They are very easy to clean out, no tiny recesses for nasties to grow if you didn’t wash your recycling carefully enough. The flap openings are large enough to put most items in without removing the lids, and will stay open even stacked on one another. The chalkboard effect stickers are nice and easily identify even for kids what should go where. The large handles make them suitable for many people with disabilities to lift and empty.

    Rotho Albula Recycling Waste Bin Latte Colour - 25L


    "Great Recycle Bins"
    Ms Germaine

    17 February 2020

    I live in a first floor maisonette to save me keep going up and down stairs daily constantly emptying a carry bag full of recycled waste I decided to look for alternatives these recycle bins fitted the bill. The are stackable, stylish and easy to keep clean. The hole flap is plenty large enough to push things through too. I purchased two in different colours one for paper card etc and the other for plastic, tins, bottles etc. Easy to carry down now every few days and just tip them into their corresponding larger recycle bins I would highly recommend this product.

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