6pc Reindeer Cake Decorating Cutter Set


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    6pc Reindeer Cake Decorating Cutter Set


    "Christmas Baker"
    Mrs Parker

    23 December 2019

    I bought this item to use to top a chocolate fudge cake for my nephew. I've used it this morning for the first time and found that the quantities that the recipe on the back of the box use turns out to be far more than what is needed. That said, it meant that I was able to use the remainder to make approx. 30 Christmas cookies and, of course, I had to sample one - they are delicious! Will just use half recipe next time. I would still give 5 stars for the product because it cuts cleanly and the cookie does not spread during cooking process.

    6pc Reindeer Cake Decorating Cutter Set


    "Reindeer cake cutter set"
    Mrs Rudd

    27 November 2019

    Used the shapes on cookie dough made very nice cookies. However it was more successful with grandchildren for cutting out shapes of material to make a reindeer shaped head dress for school

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