Zenker Glass Fibre Silicone Quiche Tray


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    Zenker Glass Fibre Silicone Quiche Tray


    Mrs Douglas

    10 September 2019

    ONE WORD FANTASTICO! received my Zenker Glass Fibre Silicone quiche Tray here in Mallorca, and used it today for first time, making a quiche. Results wonderful, crust was crispy on sides /bottom, no soggy underdone base, exactly as the product states! as recommended as cooking is more quicker, was perfect. No difficulties quiche out of tray, when slightly cool put a plate on the top, turn it over, just falls out of tray, and turn it over again. Cant wait to use my Muffin Tin trays.

    Zenker Glass Fibre Silicone Quiche Tray


    "Puzzled by this"
    Mrs Rosewell

    03 September 2019

    I bought this as an experiment, and it did indeed provide a nice crisp crust. However, the flexible bottom to the dish proved a real challenge. I had to put it on a baking tray to get it in the oven, and getting it the quiche out of the tray took two of us as we raised the tray onto a smaller plate, turned down the edges and moved the quiche onto a board. have I missed something? Is there an easier way? The instructions are not clear on how to manage this.

    A person icon A note from the team

    Many thanks for placing your review. We're delighted you had a crisp crust on the quiche you made. It can take a little experimenting at first when removing the quiche and we hope you find it easier next time. Thanks again for your feedback.

    Zenker Glass Fibre Silicone Quiche Tray


    "Zenker Glass Fibre quiche tray"
    Mrs Robinson

    03 September 2019

    I received this item yesterday and gave it a try today, I can only say how disappointed I have been with this product. Wished I had read the reviews first! You cannot get a nice clean edge to the quiche by using a rolling pin after first blind bake. It is impossible to remove the quiche whilst warm from the tray. This item has not been tested thoroughly before adding to your range. i have telephone customer service and have been given a refund. I would prefer to receive a product worthy of Lakeland!!!

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thank you for placing your review. I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment with the results. You may find the recipe and instructions on our blog helps- https://blog.lakeland.co.uk/recipe/roasted-cauliflower-beetroot-stilton-quiche/ Leaving the quiche to cool slightly for 5 minutes, before attempting to remove from the tray will help. Thanks again for your feedback and for allowing us to put things right for you.

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