Sage The Perfect Press SSG600BSS


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    Sage The Perfect Press SSG600BSS


    "Melty toasties"
    Ms Sanghera

    15 May 2020

    Very solid panini press. My son loves creating different toasties with ciabatta, bagels and bread with a selection of fillings. He particularly loves melty cheese as one of his essential ingredients to make a perfect toastie. Doesn't squash and flatten the toastie like some presses, which I prefer, and takes a good depth so it's versatile. Very easy to wipe clean. Smooth hot plates, not raised searing lines.

    Sage The Perfect Press SSG600BSS


    "Very poor"
    Mr Oberman

    03 September 2019

    It does not produce a proper toasted sandwich. Even after 10 minutes cheese is barely melted. Nothing is cooked in between two bread slices. There is no sizzling or browning at all. It is no use for welsh rarebit; the cheese just melts a little. I expected a recipe book or leaflet, but there was none. I returned it. Lakeland provided an immediate refund. Their guarantee is worth having.

    A person icon A note from the team

    We're sorry this didn't work as expected. It can depend on the ingredients and how far away they are from the top plate, but cooking shouldn't take longer than 7 minutes.

    Sage The Perfect Press SSG600BSS


    "Good results"
    Mrs Form

    14 May 2019

    I have used this for both toasties and open melts and the results are lovely. My husband and son are especially fond of a Parmesan crust on their toasties.

    Sage The Perfect Press SSG600BSS


    "Sandwich Toaster - with a difference!"
    Mrs Daniels

    04 May 2019

    Compared to standard sandwich toasters this one is quite pricey, however first impressions are all good. I have so far used it for sandwiches, open melts and wraps. The crush-resistant mechanism works a treat and the fact that the plate isn’t divided into squares that you have to make the bread fit into is great and also means that it takes any shaped product. The plates do not remove for washing but easily wipe clean. Well worth buying.

    Sage The Perfect Press SSG600BSS


    "Absolutely superb."

    25 July 2018

    I already have a toasted sandwich maker which was ok. I decided to splash out on a new one. Yes, it is pricey but the results are true to what is said about it. I decide to give it a test with a toasted sandwich which on my other one would ooze some of the juices and cheese. With this Sage Press it didn’t release a single spot of anything. The toasted surface was as if it had not had any weight on it at all. Perfectly browned top & bottom and light and crispy. The toaster is solid & robust with cast metal full handle. It’s a wow from me. P.S. No heat sets, no drip tray, no spatula for this one

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    Thanks for placing your review. I'm delighted to hear how pleased you've been with the results.

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