Lakeland Adjustable Food Dehydrator


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    Lakeland Adjustable Food Dehydrator


    "Just right"
    Mrs Baudevin

    09 March 2020

    I'm pleased with this, it holds quite a lot and works well. I had several ropes of fresh garlic which would have begun to go bad or sprout at the end of the winter. I have now dried these with very satisfactory results and stored them in glass jars. Very convenient to add to dishes. I intend to experiment with other foods soon. Only one slight drawback - it is noisy so you don't want to be in the same room with it.

    Lakeland Adjustable Food Dehydrator



    12 June 2019

    It delivers what the brochure says. I pleased with the product.

    Lakeland Adjustable Food Dehydrator


    "makes healthy snacks, and easy to get your 5-a-day!"

    03 January 2019

    I'm not really sure if this is going to be a 5-day wonder. I got it for Christmas and have had it on for most of the time over the past few days. The major drawback is that it is much noisier than I expected as the fan is on all the time. I did some beetroot first as I love the beetroot crisps and they turned out well, although took much longer than expected, and by the time it was ready there wasn't much left to put in the prepared jars as I'd gradually been eating them - apples and pears too - very delicious! Grapes weren't worth the hassle as took far too long. So far not a cost saver!

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