Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040

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    Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040


    "A great family fryer"
    Mr Morris

    10 July 2019

    • Separate on/off switch. • Timer so if you forget it auto switches off. • Digital temperature selector. • Very large basket. • Oil filter to keep the oil clean. • Cooking filter cover to avoid steaming out the kitchen. • Everything else is dishwasher proof. • A very good investment indeed.

    Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040


    "Good deep fat fryer"
    Mrs Meredith

    02 July 2019

    Bought fryer as parts dishwasher safe and you store the oil in the fryer. The tray you store oil in could be a lot more secure. I have weak hands and wrists and when you take the tiny plug out to pour oil back into fryer, oil unit is unsteady as full of liquid and lid is not secure - it could do with a secure clip as it is prone to spillage. Also nowhere to rest basket in fryer once you lift fries. So once they're done they have to come out. The guideline cooking time for chips is definitely not accurate and even now having used numerous times it's never the same fry time.

    Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040


    "Frying tonight"
    Mr Snelling

    09 December 2018

    Overall a good product but ignore the cooking times etc. in the instruction booklet, use your common sense and experience. Cleaning is easy(ish) but you have to wait about 3 hours for the oil to cool and drain into the oil box before you can clean. It filters oil and removes some but not all residue food smells. I doubt if the oil will last the 10 to 12 uses claimed. The power lead at just under 1 metre could be a bit longer.

    Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040


    "Tefal OleoClean ProFryer"
    Ena Hunt

    11 July 2017

    Super product So easy to clean after each use

    Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040


    "Good Fryer"

    10 July 2017

    This is the best fryer I have ever owned. I like the way the oil drains into the container at the bottom and filters it as it goes. Also one big plus is the fact it all (except for the element) goes in the dishwasher. I found it heats to temperature quickly which is another bonus.

    Tefal OleoClean Pro Fryer FR804040


    "Simply The Best !"

    05 September 2016

    Deep fat fryer I have ever owned.Food easily cleaned off element with a bottle brush. Filter built in is brilliant,no mess. Would advise when moving fryer to have oil in ready for frying or carry oil container separately,I left a trail of oil that slipped out as I carried it across the kitchen. Receipe for twice cooked chips ,way out for timings ,but I use my own tried and tested before noting in leaflet. Excellent product ,a little expensive compared to others ,but then,it is much better.

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