Prue's World Paella Pan


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    Prue's World Paella Pan


    "Poorly designed pan"
    Ms Kubenz

    29 October 2020

    We have this pan twice now for vegetable paella, with our tried and trusted recipe. The pan does not conduct heat properly so both times we have ended up with severely burnt rice in the centre and raw rice/puddles of liquid around the edges. It is impossible to cook a decent paella with this, I got much better result just using a regular saute pan previously. Very much regretting this purchase.

    Prue's World Paella Pan


    "Beautiful to look at but frustrating to use !"
    Mrs lesley basu

    30 September 2020

    Ultimately, I could not use my new pan as planned because the product card was glued to its surface on either side, with a line of the horrid sticky stuff across the diameter for good measure. Two great blobs, impossible to remove and yet the card states no scourers or abrasives ! I resorted to gently rubbing with a brillo but this only dispersed it further. Luckily, I had some sticky stuff remover but even that took two attempts ( a ruse to boost sales perhaps ?!) Also, the pan is very shallow; "suitable for large gatherings" ? Unconvinced. It promises a recipe card; I did not find one.

    A person icon A note from the team

    We're sorry this wasn't as expected. We've passed the information on to the supplier about the glue. We can confirm it's over 14 inches in diameter and nearly 2 inches high. The recipe comes in a recipe card attached to the packaging, but is also available in our 'Recipes' - you can click on this at the bottom of the page - this recipe serves 4.

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