Prue's World Cast Iron Dumpling Pan


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    Prue's World Cast Iron Dumpling Pan


    "Lovely Product"
    Clive Harrison

    20 January 2021

    This pan couldn't be improved: it's the traditional shape and size and is made from cast iron, the best material. Season it properly: wipe the insides with a little vegetable oil and put it over medium heat until it smokes, and then let the pan smoke itself 'dry'. Repeat 2-3 times and the pan will be perfectly non-stick. Renew the seasoning, as required, but don't use abrasives or detergents to clean it: just hot water. Treat it like a carbon steel wok and you won't go wrong. There are lots of recipes, online, and Prue's sidekick, Paul Hollywood, has a decent one.

    Prue's World Cast Iron Dumpling Pan


    Mrs mc farlane

    26 October 2020

    Given this pan as a gift, love the dumplings/pancakes however I found it difficult to place the pan on the gas hob safely as the alignment of the cups on the pan doesn’t allow for the pan to be stable easily, with a cast iron handle it’s a danger that you’d want to grab it and the cover burns if left on

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    We're sorry this proved unsuitable for your hob.

    Prue's World Cast Iron Dumpling Pan


    "Not non stick"
    Mrs Boswell

    31 July 2020

    I bought this after seeing aebleskiver dumplings being made. The recipe is different but the principle is the same: beaten egg whites create lightness. I used oil for the first 9 as both recipes stated, but had real trouble turning them. Aebleskiver are supposed to be given quarter turns but much of the air was lost attempting this. I washed the pan and applied butter on a square of kitchen paper to grease them but there really was no difference. The surface is not particularly smooth to the touch unlike other non stick pans. I also wonder if an induction hob would be better than my gas hob.

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thank you for placing your review. The pan is suitable for gas hobs and it's best on a low heat and allow it to heat up gently. I'm sorry to hear of your experience - I'll be in touch to help.

    Prue's World Cast Iron Dumpling Pan


    "Great ideas, not very practical"
    Matgaret Sharpe

    27 July 2020

    Thought this sounded wonderful. I like all sorts of baking and a different experience attracted me. The ‘non stick’ pan was far from that description even though I followed the instructions. The pan wobbled alarmingly on my Bosch gas hob and the segments heated unevenly. The results were disappointing and I had to resort to a griddle pan to finish the cooking as I had a lot of batter left but a pan covered in sticky bits!

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    The supplier has suggested wiping with a small amount of oil as per the instructions on the packaging and to avoid using too much heat, allowing the pan to heat up gradually will give improved results.

    Prue's World Cast Iron Dumpling Pan


    "fun canapes"
    Mrs Gell

    27 June 2020

    I've used this twice now, and they produced lovely little hot eggy dumplings ( almost soufflé like) perfect for mini drinks parties. I used real butter so had no sticking problems. I'm giving it 4 starts as I think the uses are limited to the recipe provided ….. I would like some recipes that aren't a soufflé type canape. I have cupboard space so don't mind a pan that only has one use.

    Prue's World Cast Iron Dumpling Pan


    "Not non stick"
    Mrs Ashby

    17 June 2020

    The little bits that I salvaged were delicious, The pan stuck like mad. I tried again with nonstick spray and still they stuck, I left the pan in soak and I can't get the residue off. I am hooked on the dumplings BUT I shan't use this again.

    A person icon A note from the team

    We’re very sorry to hear this and will be in touch shortly to get this sorted for you

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