Chef’n Yolkster Egg Separator - Pack of 2


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    Chef’n Yolkster Egg Separator - Pack of 2


    "Egg size matters"

    01 October 2019

    I wonder what egg size the previous reviewer was using. I have found no problem when separating XL eggs. The yolk always stays in place and the white drains off easily. Maybe smaller sized yolks would slip, but I don’t use them.

    Chef’n Yolkster Egg Separator - Pack of 2


    Mrs Douglas

    15 September 2019

    I am sorry to give feedback this item in one word is useless. The first item I have purchased from lakeland, as all are wonderful and as product states, this item does not function as product indicates. Tried 5 times only two did Egg yolk stay in middle. My fault, I felt the legs were too wide when viewing product, had concern this point, as no reviews, trusted item details, width of legs this seems to be the crux of problem, also item hanging on bowl it tips forward, yes, you guessed the yolk slips through too!

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