2-Tier Handy Steps


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    2-Tier Handy Steps



    19 March 2019

    Bought as I've just put shelves in an over stairs cupboard and don't have a chair handy to stand on to reach the top shelves. These fold up to about 1 and 1/2 inches so they can live in the front of the cupboard. But I've used them to stand on to gloss the top of the door frames, could just about see to do so. I'm 5'7"s if that helps. Also easily replaced light bulbs using these. I couldn't see any instructions regarding closure nor was I able to find a button to press or pull. If you hold them with the steps towards you by the handle, reach down the back to wiggle the back bar they close.

    2-Tier Handy Steps


    "A great buy"
    Mrs Louise Silvester

    28 July 2018

    I'm short, my two sons are tall, but no longer live at home so I can't ask for help reaching the top shelves in my kitchen. They fold away easily so they take up very little room. My grandson also finds them useful to reach the sink for washing his hands. He calls them Nan's little ladder ! I read one review that said they are not very easy to fold, but I disagree. The red button is the release, lift it and the steps fold up !

    2-Tier Handy Steps


    "Very useful but a bit tricky to fold"
    Mrs S A Geddes

    25 January 2018

    I like these steps - just the right height to reach into tall kitchen cabinets and just that bit higher than the lightweight folding footstool. However, I do find these steps a bit tricky to fold - not as easy as the instruction make out; instead of just pressing the button I have to manually lift the bar over its seating, but they are very useful and I wouldn't be without them.

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