RotoCaddy Large


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    RotoCaddy Large


    "Amazing storage"
    Mrs Baggott

    27 June 2020

    No more cupboards with tins at the back that you never use because you can't see them! Great for all tins and jars....great invention!

    RotoCaddy Large


    "So useful"

    14 May 2020

    Since moving to a smaller home with a smaller kitchen I’ve been looking for ways to save space and these are excellent I’ve bought things in past which have disappointed not by Lakeland. As usual they solve problems a lot of people have. I definitely recommend.

    RotoCaddy Large



    21 May 2019

    Excellent for easily seeing what is available in the cupboard. Sturdy design, although a little on the pricey side this is my second large one purchasef

    RotoCaddy Large


    "Very useful"
    Mrs Rose

    13 November 2018

    Handy to keep tins together in the cupboard

    RotoCaddy Large


    "It is quite large"

    24 August 2018

    Great product and idea. Easy to use. I love it. Husband thinks it’s too big. But definitely beats stacking tins and not knowing what’s there.

    RotoCaddy Large


    "easy to use"
    Mrs Lamb

    19 April 2018

    For a long time I have had to lift everything out to find the one spice I need. They are expensive, but they feel very strong and easy to use.

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    RotoCaddy Large


    "Useful but does not fit on shelves"
    Mrs tibbitts

    12 July 2017

    The small size was too small, the large size works well but due to its shape at the back it does not fit onto shelves very easily, unless the shelf is large/deep . I use mine on the kitchen top to easily access various oils vinegars etc

    RotoCaddy Large


    "Brilliant storage idea"
    Sharon Long

    25 April 2017

    An excellent way to see your tins etc. Do not waste time and temper on having to move everything out of the way and put it back. A truly brilliant concept. Like a mini airport luggage carousel. Only criticism is the blue plastic wheel is too smooth and it can be hard to rotate the caddy when it is fully loaded with jars and tins. Surface of wheel needs to be rougher to get some grip. Pressing down and rotating on the blue wheel does help. Product still easily deserves 5 stars.

    RotoCaddy Large


    "Rotocaddy - Large"
    Mrs Ann Birnie

    03 April 2017

    Recently purchased 2 of these. They fit the 400g tins and 340g jars. Great idea for anyone unable to reach back of shelves.

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