Modern Extendable Ceiling Airer


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    Modern Extendable Ceiling Airer


    "Great space saving airer"
    Mrs Wood

    15 January 2021

    Brilliant product. Using it in our utility room above the sink to save floor space. Fits lots of when extended but doesn’t take up too much room when compact. Feels sturdy and have dried jeans on it too.

    Modern Extendable Ceiling Airer


    "Rope needs to be better quality"
    Mx North

    26 September 2019

    This is a sturdy, great looking airer, that has unfortunately been fitted with a very ugly, plastic rope that hugely detracts from the overall aesthetic of the item. In addition, the plastic rope has been melted very inexpertly, making it look lumpy and cheap. I have just finished replacing this rope with a high quality, cotton cord, but for the price this should be standard, frankly

    Modern Extendable Ceiling Airer



    29 July 2019

    This was just the design that I wanted, but was too light weight and flimsy unfortunately. Lakeland customer service is always excellent, so I returned it for a refund without any problem at all. But will be looking for something wooden and more robust than this.

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    Modern Extendable Ceiling Airer


    "Neat but flimsy"
    Mrs Theobald

    18 June 2019

    I am used to a big wooden airer but wanted to try this as short on ceiling space. Very lightweight, almost flimsy. No ropes but uses nylon cording instead. It is super neat and tidy. It only takes about half a load of washing which is fine for my husband and I but may not suit a family. There are 2 joints per pole which allow the airer to telescope into itself for size. Mine seems to buckle at one joint which is why I say it appears flimsy. Saying that it does the job. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if seen beforehand but as long as it continues to do it’s job I will keep it.

    Modern Extendable Ceiling Airer


    "Airer for garage roof space"
    Caron Harris

    26 February 2019

    Great light weight airer which we have put in the garage roof space, as it’s warm but airy and out of the way! Saves having a tumble drier which takes up floor space and is much greener for the environment.

    Modern Extendable Ceiling Airer


    "Works well"
    Mrs Gaunt

    09 November 2017

    I remember my parents having a ceiling dryer, in fact most families had one in the 1960s. As we were a bit short of floor space we said we would try one. As for putting it up a friend soon had it in place ready for use. It dries my clothes overnight, and there is plenty of room, I use it mostly with clothes hangers and I've noticed not much ironing when they are dry. I would recommend it.

    Modern Extendable Ceiling Airer


    "Ceiling airier"
    Mrs Jacquie Wiltshire

    12 July 2017

    We just moved into a new house with no radiators, I have always wanted one of these driers and I have loved it since my husband put it up for me. We have a super king bed and it takes the sheets no problem at all. Great product, I recommend it.

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