Traditional Laundry Starch 500g


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    Traditional Laundry Starch 500g


    "Beautiful results from this product"

    17 December 2019

    This starch works really well. Is easy to use and produces lovely crisp linen. Very easy to follow instructions.

    Traditional Laundry Starch 500g


    Mrs Atkinson

    07 March 2018

    Excellent product to stiffen up those limp shirts and keep them going for a while longer

    Traditional Laundry Starch 500g


    "Nowhere near as convenient as Dylon Liquid Starch"

    30 January 2018

    Unable to buy Dylon Liquid Starch, I bought this instead. However it’s nowhere near as convenient. It has to be mixed with cold water, boiling water added and then cold, and each item dipped separately. Nowhere near as convenient as just putting the Dylon product in the fabric conditioner space. It can be used in a machine, though not recommended, but has to mixed just before use.

    Traditional Laundry Starch 500g


    "Starch has a starring role in my household!"

    28 July 2015

    I can not be with out this product. My bed linen loves it! So white, cool & crisp, my guests always comment on it. I also use it on my linen & cotton trousers,after one starch wash they are like new. Men's shirts also benefit from a machine starch wash. To top all that, starched items are a pleasure to iron, not my favourite task.

    Traditional Laundry Starch 500g


    "Traditional Product offers Solution to your Laundry Dilemma"
    Mary Hayward

    17 March 2015

    Kershaw's Laundry Starch is the secret to keeping your cotton sheets & duvet looking brand new & laundry fresh. I have high thread count white cotton sheets & so always use starch for great results. Mix the required number of scoops with cold water & as my machine has a starching cycle I simply add it to the drawer & restart the machine. Although it states to dry naturally, I cheat & use the 'machine iron' setting on my tumble drier, this gets the sheets ready to iron. Do NOT let your sheets get completely dry, always iron whilst damp. I use a rotary ironer but hand ironing is as good.

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