Kilner Clip Top Spice Jar

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Product number: 19334

The Kilner Clip Top Spice Jar has been discontinued.


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    Kilner Clip Top Spice Jar


    "A lovely spice jar."

    23 February 2020

    These little spice jars look great as they seal in the contents.

    Kilner Clip Top Spice Jar


    "They Do Look Cute"

    13 October 2015

    This is one of these items I'd prefer to buy in-store just to make sure that the opening mechanism is not flimsy and the glass doesn't have faint cracks in them. Not sure how else to call these, stretch-marks? These spice-jars aren't expensive so I bought 6. On account of what I described, I think 3/5 rating is fair. I was expecting better from 'Kliner,' now I know to stick with 'Le Parfait' jars.

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    Thanks for placing your review. We're sorry these jars haven't been as expected. We'll be in touch shortly to help.

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