18cm Three Tier Steamer


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    18cm Three Tier Steamer


    "New steamer"
    Mrs Hilliker

    09 February 2021

    Really delighted with this steamer. Replacement for an old one. Am a dedicated steamer user, used every day. Makes a huge difference to the vegetables, you really taste them, no wasting of nutrients as well. A brilliant replacement.

    18cm Three Tier Steamer


    "Fits 16 cm hob, not 18cm"
    Mrs Goodbody

    16 May 2017

    I had to return this item because it was too small. Although it was 18 cm at the top, it was only 16 cm at the bottom. This wasn't made clear on the website. Shame because the steamer looked a good quality product.

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    We're sorry that this information was not instantly available however we hope this will help.Dimensions: Bottom Tier 23cm wide x 17.4cm dia x 9.7cm high (external size) 15.8cm dia x 9.3cm high (internal size) Mid/Top Tier - 23cm wide x 17.4cm dia x 8cm high (external size) 15.8cm dia x 7.8cm high (internal size) Overall size 23cm wide x 17.4cm dia x 23.3cm high Lid Size 16.4cm dia x 7cm high

    18cm Three Tier Steamer


    "Love it"

    19 September 2016

    This is a serious piece of kit lol. My only gripe is the non stay cool handles and knob. I want to buy one for my son n girlfriend when they move into their first home but as she has disability issues, im worried about the hot handles etc. Please look into this. Not like Lakeland to over look something like this

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thank you for placing your feedback. It's always nice to hear that one of our products is so useful. You'll find with most stove top steamers the handles are shorter than a traditional sauce pan and these will become hot when in use. We will pass on your comments to our buying team to look in to further and a suggestion for a steamer with heat resistant handles.

    18cm Three Tier Steamer


    "Pay a bit more for better design?"
    P Thomson

    09 September 2016

    Both Lakeland & their products are top dog but this item has similar problems to its larger brother i.e. handles & knob become too hot & using oven gloves make it awkward to handle, especially when straining; also water collects in rolled rims as well as within structure of knob - I have to undo this with a screw driver to dry thoroughly. For the price I paid, though maybe this is to be expected, however, I am a firm believer that what Lakeland sells is usually good quality whatever the price; maybe you could not notch up the quality without having to increase the price too much?

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thank you for placing your review. We have passed your comments forward to our buying team to keep in mind for the future. We would expect the knob and the handle to become hot when cooking.

    18cm Three Tier Steamer


    "First Class"
    Anne Stevenson

    04 November 2014

    I have now used my steamer several times and just love it. The look and quality are far superior to others i have owned. A superior product for very little money. Thank you

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