Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


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    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


    "Fat Middle"

    13 August 2019

    Perfect for a lemon drizzle cake but disappointing when used for a tea bread. Unfortunately due to the heavy contents of the cake, the 'tin' spread. The tea bread was perfectly cooked, came out of the silicone loaf pan cleanly but had rather a fat middle!

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


    "Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan"
    Marie Weakley

    30 October 2018

    As expected a brilliant loaf pan, no sticking and perfect cakes made with no stress! Easy to use, wash, and turn cakes out with minimal effort can highly recommend! bought this alongside round silicone cake pan and have been delighted with both!

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


    Mrs Barrow

    20 June 2018

    This has to be one of the best tins out there. The baked goods come out so easily, minimal cleaning, cooks everything well and evenly and holds its shape perfectly. Love the whole range.

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


    Miss Posluszna

    15 June 2018

    I have bought this 3 Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan 2 years ago to bake gluten free bread. I am using them every week. Very easy to use, no need any paper inside, nothing burning and you can easily taking your bread out of the loaf pan when is ready. Easy to clean, after 2 years of using looks exactly the same when was new.

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan



    21 March 2018

    As a home baker am usually dubious about bakeware but bought these to replace some very old tins, first go with a Lemon Polenta Cake turned out perfect, it's very sturdy with the solid frame as opposed to the usual floppy style muffin trays. Am sure I will be purchasing another before long.

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


    "Excellent Product"
    Miss Partridge

    16 February 2016

    I used this for the first time this morning to make some bread, it is absolutely brilliant. The bread slid out of the pan and was nicely browned all over. I like the rigidity of the pan as I also have other silicone bakeware which loses its shape when cooking in it so the encapsulated metal rim is great and the silicone is of a superior quality. Excellent buy.

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


    "terrible for heavy cakes"

    30 November 2015

    This may be ok for loaves but I have just make a rich fruit cake and the result is a mis-shapen cake that bulged at the sides. I resorted to my old fashioned loaf tin and made another cake with no problem. A terrible waste of effort and ingredients for the mis-shapen one

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. I'm sorry that you'd been disappointed with the results when making a heavy fruit cake, I'll be in touch shortly.

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


    Mrs Drew

    07 November 2015

    Have not tried silicone bakeware before so wasn't sure if it would work but it does, really well! Loaves slip out really easily and don't stick as with some other tins. Am so delighted with it I bought three more! An excellent product.

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan


    Mrs Goffin

    08 July 2015

    This is a brilliant product. I bought the original silicone mould which was good but sagged when filled with mixture so the loaves and cakes came out with a bulge in the middle. I used it so much it split. This one has solved both those problems. It is much sturdier, keeps its shape and I don't think it will split in the same way. The cake/loaf just glides out. Excellent.

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan



    06 April 2015

    Having used silicone in the past and been disappointed I was sceptical about using this product, however I can confidently say I will never use conventional bakeware again. The bread turned out of the tin easily without greasing and was cooked perfectly evenly. Now looking at others in this range.

    Lakeland Silicone 2lb Loaf Pan



    16 March 2015

    Absolutely brilliant from the word go. Was surprised at how easy it was to get the loaf out of the pan! I just gave all four sides a gentle squeeze and turned it upside down and loaf popped out! Highly recommend it!

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