Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker


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    Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker


    "Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker"
    Mrs McGill

    21 September 2020

    An excellent product - solid, can be used as a regular pan and easy to clean. Great product!!

    Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker


    "Top timesaver"
    Mrs Collins

    13 July 2020

    I reviewed the different types and sizes of Pressure cooker and decided the cooker top one in the larger size to accommodate the Christmas ham was the one for me. I also reviewed different makes and models but I chose Lakeland as a brand I trust. After reading how to use it i decided on a beef stew. Could I really have a stew in 20 minutes? Yes I could! No exploding lids, no steam burns, but the escaping steam is noisy so if you are new to this type of cooking, just be aware. The cooking speed was astonishing, my meal delicious and the washing up, easy!

    Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker


    "lakeland 5.5L pressure cooker"
    Mrs shah

    19 January 2018

    Overall a good cooker the lid took abit of getting use to, do have to press it down hard then close. I just wish there was a in between size 4/4.5L easier to store. Found 3L to small this to big.

    Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker


    "So pleased I bought this"

    26 February 2017

    As a young bride in the 1970s, my mother gave me her pressure cooker but I was so terrified of its hissing, spinning valve that I rarely used it and gave it away. I wondered if I'd use a new version enough to justify the cost but I'm absolutely delighted with it. I can make lovely vegetable soup in around 30 minutes, including the time spent peeling and chopping the vegetables and it cooks meat quickly and beautifully. Above all, it's very easy to use and quick to clean and the safety closure on the lid means there's no danger of it blowing off! Highly recommended.

    Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker


    Mrs Ellery

    03 November 2015

    Having never used a Pressure cooker before I bought this item because of its easy open/close lock and NO cumbersome long handles. First time I used it, I was cautiously excited and gave myself plenty of time to produce the food and I advise anyone new to pressure cooking to set aside a quiet, calm time too - don't rush yourself. The results (Casseroles, Soups with Lentils, Stewed Damsons) have all been outstanding. The stews are delicious as are the soups.Ask Lakeland to print off the instructions as one in box is not same as on web page. FABULOUS & in my TOP 3 Lakeland Buys. 5*.

    Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker


    "loving this quality product"
    Mrs Sandra Ellis

    14 July 2015

    My pressure cooker arrived yesterday and I have used it three times already! I haven't owned a pressure cooker for 30 years, what a long way this model come from then, the built in safety system is fantastic. I can see that it is an item that will not be lost in a dark cupboard somewhere!

    Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker


    "5.5 litre pressure cooker"

    16 March 2015

    Bought this item a few weeks ago. Surprised to find no trivet or separators included. Have looked on line for suitable items but been unable to find anything to fit. Lakeland do not seem to sell them either! Rather odd. Bought pressure cook book which says "saute" instructions for item say "do not use to saute items before cooking". Am in a quandary whether to return it or not!

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thanks for placing your review. Some of the recipes in the don't require to saute before placing the ingredients in the pressure cooker.

    Lakeland 5.5L Pressure Cooker



    06 March 2014

    I have just bought a 5.5L model. It is very smart/attractive in appearance. Surprised at the booklet as it is minimal in detail/recipes. Also, surprised at the lack of a trivet and thought it was missing but upon asking Lakeland realised that was intentional. Now I must buy one, strange since the cooker was not cheap.

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