Lakeland Beech Wood Turner


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    Lakeland Beech Wood Turner


    "Perfect for use with non-stick pans"
    Mrs Daniels

    13 October 2020

    Having treated myself to some very good non-stick pans I wanted suitable tools to use with them and this beech wood turner is perfect. It is a good size, with a graduated end making it easy to slide things on. Sturdy and nicely finished. Definitely recommend.

    Lakeland Beech Wood Turner


    "Woo Turner"
    Mrs Fidler

    24 June 2020

    Excellent wooden turner. Would highly recommend.

    Lakeland Beech Wood Turner


    "Little beach beauty"
    Mrs Allen

    15 February 2020

    Works great on my non-stick, as well as normal cookware. Lightweight, nice to hold.

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    Lakeland Beech Wood Turner


    "Would recommend"

    04 May 2019

    This is well made and will hopefully last a long time. It’s a good size and shape.

    Lakeland Beech Wood Turner


    "Great value"
    Wallace Thrower

    25 April 2019

    Does the job perfectly - 5 star. My only concern is the very smooth, finish. Is this natural or has a polish or lacquer been applied? If the latter there is an obvious worry that eventually the applied finish will flake away into the cooking ingredients. So overall 3 Star.

    Lakeland Beech Wood Turner


    "A friend for my non stick pan"

    28 November 2018

    Good quality wood, makes making an omelette or flipping sausages easy in my non stick pans.

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