Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413


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    Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413


    "Dualities 1.5L jug kettle Canvas White 72413"
    Mrs Gore

    05 May 2020

    Fantastic. Lost kettle during lockdown. Always wanted this kettle so I thought I am going to have it! Only thing I would say it’s described as White I would say Ivory/cream which fits in with my kitchen wonderfully. I had looked at it in the shop previously so I was aware of this. Lakeland sent it within two days just great service as always.

    Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413


    "Great kettle"
    Ms Bestwick

    17 August 2018

    Sleek and shiny, this kettle is a neat addition to the kitchen.

    Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413


    "Dualit1.5L canvas white kettle"
    Mrs Parton

    18 April 2018

    Areally worthwhile buy which I'm thrilled with. I have tried many cheap kettles and they are simply awful. This one is exactly as it promises, quick to boil and a non drip pour. Fabulous! And it looks pretty on the side. Will be looking at other Dualit products.

    Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413


    Mrs Mortley

    07 March 2018

    I love the kettle -but -it isnt easy to see how much water that I am putting into the kettle.

    A person icon A note from the team

    Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to speak to me on the phone. I'm glad to hear that you like the kettle but do have difficulty seeing the water level. We do have the Sage compact kettle, ref 19662, which has a glass body so may be more suitable for you. In the meantime I'll be sure to pass your comments to the buying team.

    Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413


    Mrs Burgess

    07 November 2015

    This kettle really looks the business. It's not white but a colour that would look good in any kitchen. It boils quickly and quietly. I couldn't be more pleased. The only 2 things I would change are: the side water level is hard to distinguish as to how high the water is and the top can get quite hot when you want to refill the kettle but all in all they are quite minor. Extremely happy with this particular purchase.

    Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413



    08 January 2015

    This review is for an older version of this product

    This kettle boils in a reasonable amount of time, and quietly with it, even when full up to the max line. Superb kettle for me and my flatmate who frequently have 1 or two people over. The only thing with it, and it is very minor (might be a plus for some!) it is very quiet when it finishes boiling; if I'm in the other room, I can't hear if it's finished and clicked off. Lovely subtle cream colour, and is made by a very good brand so hopefully will last for longer than my old kettle!

    Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413


    "ticks all the boxes"
    [email protected] stephenson

    27 February 2014

    always associate Lakeland with quality & the dualit range is no exception just bought this kettle & what a gem it is nice to look at very well put together & goes very nicely with the toaster we recently bought we especially like the old fashioned values of repair rather than renew

    Dualit 1.5L Jug Kettle Canvas White 72413


    "Best kettle ever"
    Ms Mcloughlin

    13 May 2013

    Although this kettle is expensive it is worth it. It is a lovely pale cream white colour. Very easy to fill and boils very quickly. I love the viewing window and that you can choose to fill it with enough water for the exact number of cups of tea you want to make - saving electricity and time. I have been using this for 4 months now and am still very happy with it.

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