Renshaw Ready to Roll Coloured Icing - 250g Red


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    Renshaw Ready to Roll Coloured Icing - 250g Red


    "Easy to use"
    Mrs Masterson

    23 December 2019

    Big help especially at Christmas time and this colour is a big part of my cake.

    Renshaw Ready to Roll Coloured Icing - 250g Red


    Jillian Marina

    02 September 2014

    I don't normally feel strongly enough to post reviews but in this case I'm sorry but I do. I normally colour my own icing, but as I needed such a strong colour in a large amount, I thought I'd try this. I found it incredibly difficult to work with. It was soft, stuck to everything, tore really easily and was a pain to try and smooth once I actually managed to get it on the cake. Never again! To be fair it is probably ok for moulding small flowers etc, but as I was attempting to cover a 2 layers of a wedding cake and using 5 blocks for one layer it was not a success. Very stressed by the end.

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