Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set


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    Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set



    25 May 2020

    Good quality, not cheap but you get what you pay for.

    Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set


    "Lynn C"
    Mrs Chadwick

    06 January 2020

    Why did I not buy this before its fantastic even for other meats love it

    Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set


    "Wonderful item"
    Norma Mahon

    23 January 2019

    I love this product, it helped me to cook a perfect turkey dinner at Christmas. It is easy to use and importantly easy to clean. Would definitely recommend.

    Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set


    "christmas time"
    Mrs dance

    22 January 2019

    this turkey baster was just what I needed in the Kitchen at this time . the meat was fab with a little help from the Baster

    Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set


    "Deluxe turkey baster and injector."
    Mrs Crampton

    08 November 2017

    Great. I have a plastic one but this metal on is great very sturdy and effective does what it says on the label!

    Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set


    "a disappointment"
    Mrs Dammann

    07 January 2014

    This is a really good idea and in theory should last forever as the plastic ones don't. And the needle should be extremely useful for under-skin basting. But the bulb pops off all the time and the last time I used it for a turkey (which really needs careful basting, I spilt hot fat all over the place, including my part shoes. So never again I'm afraid! If you have any tips for others to avoid this, do add them to the instructions. But I'm going back to plastic I'm afraid.

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    Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set


    "Good product but be careful when using hot liquids!!!"
    Mrs Maynard

    16 February 2011

    Ok so this is a nice baster - seems well made and nicely constructed, but, the bulb on mine doesn't seem to be that firmly on there. It was fine when I used it on it's own, but when I tried to use the small "injecting" needle with chicken juices the bulb popped off spilling hot oil. So be careful when using the small needle with hot liquids. I wonder if the product is actually able to withstand the additional pressure incurred by the finer end. Despite that there seems to be no other problems, and it was a breeze to clean. Would I buy it with hindsight? Maybe I would just buy a normal (cheaper) version as I don't think I would use the fine needle in the future so it was a bit of a waste.

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    I'm sorry that your baster has proved to be faulty. I'll be in touch shortly.

    Deluxe Turkey Baster and Injector Set


    "The best"
    Kirstine Oswald

    12 February 2010

    I've had quite a few basters in my time and this is the best yet. Being stainless steel it doesn't crack as eventually happens with plastic, or break, like glass. The injection needles really work as they are sharp enough to penetrate raw meat. I've tried an infusion of garlic and rosemary either in melted fat or olive oil and injected this deep into lamb joints getting these flavours to permeate the meat far better than any surface marinade. I've used the fatter needle to introduce soft fat (duck, goose or ham fat) deep into a rolled joint of beef to increase succulence. Finely whizzed up herb, garlic and soft butter can also be injected with the wide needle. A word of caution be careful when injecting liquid as it can spurt out of a joint where there's an exit channel. Cleaning is relatively easy: wash up liquid in very hot water sucked in and out to clean and then plain boiling water to rinse does the trick

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