ZeroWater 5-Stage Water Filter Jug with Free TDS Meter 1.7L

ZeroWater 5-Stage Water Filter Jug with Free TDS Meter 1.7L

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ZeroWater 5-Stage Water Filter Jug with Free TDS Meter 1.7L

star star star star_half star_border ( 78 reviews )


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Product Features

  • The purest water you'll ever taste!
  • Filters and purifies tap water
  • 5-stage filter removes impurities
  • Removes 99% of lead and fluoride
  • Water quality meter included
  • Replacement filters available
  • Fits in your fridge door
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  • Lakeland 3 year guarantee included
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ZeroWater 5-Stage Water Filter Jug with Free TDS Meter 1.7L

Product number: 73247

A jug that filters your tap water to remove dissolved impurities may sound like nothing new, but ZeroWater’s Water Purifying Jug has innovative 5-stage filter technology that removes virtually all impurities from your tap water, to provide the purest-tasting drink possible and complete peace of mind – something that no other domestic filter jug can claim.

What does it remove?

With ZeroWater, you can be sure you’re only drinking pure, unadulterated H2O because it’s proven to make tap water as pure as the most expensively bottled filtered water brands. The 5-stage filter removes virtually all ‘total dissolved solids’ from potable drinking water, including heavy metals such as lead (99.2%) and mercury (99.4%) as well as chemical compounds like nitrates and chlorine, and any added fluoride. Which is especially good news if you have ancient plumbing in your neighbourhood with lead pipes carrying your supply, as using this superb filtration system means you can rest assured that none of the nasties are going to make it into your drinking water.

Effective 5-stage filtration process

The five-stage filtration system might seem very slow if you stand and watch it, but all good things come to those who wait! And the patented Ready-Pour lidded jug allows you to decant already filtered water while the filter is still processing what you’ve poured in at the top, so you don’t have to wait until it’s finished to benefit from the filtration.

The five stages of filtration

Once you’ve poured your water in, the filter gets to work:

  • Stage 1: Coarse filter screen – removes fine particles and sediment.
  • Stage 2: Foam distributor – spreads water across the whole filter for more effective removal.
  • Stage 3: Multi-layer filtration – with activated carbon to filter out contaminants and an oxidation alloy to remove chlorine and heavy metals.
  • Stage 4: Dual ion exchange resin – strips foreign ions from water molecules.
  • Stage 5: Ultra-fine screen and non-woven membrane layers – remove remaining ultra-fine particles.

Test the quality

Filtered water might look the same before and after filtering, but test the level of contaminants using the included laboratory-grade digital water quality meter and you’ll immediately see the difference. And when your filter’s coming towards the end of its life (the water starts to taste a little lemony), you can also use the meter to test the filtered water to confirm whether the filter needs changing.

How long does each filter last?

Each filter will turn up to 150 litres of tap water into ZeroWater, but this depends on the original quality of your tap water and the amount of dissolved solids, so they will last longer in soft water areas.

Helpful tip: if the filtered water starts to taste a little bitter, as if you’ve added lemon juice, it’s probably time to change your filter. Try to remember to check the levels with your FREE digital water meter every time you use the jug, so you are forewarned when the filters become less efficient. Once it’s over 006 it has expired and needs replacing.

Reduce plastic waste

Rather than buying bottles of purified water, fill your reusable travel bottle with water filtered through ZeroWater – not only will you be able to enjoy the filtered water you want, but you won’t have to throw away plastic bottle after plastic bottle.

Our tester says…

We gave one of the jugs to Alison from our Finance Department, who told us “I’ll never go back to bottled water having tried the ZeroWater Jug!” She says the taste difference between tap and filtered water is phenomenal – she’s tested this on friends and family too – and she really likes the feel-good factor of knowing she’s no longer contributing to the world’s plastic bottle problem. She loves the ZeroWater system so much that she regularly takes the office sample with her to her static caravan, and we think we may have to fight her to get it back…

In the box

  • 1.7 litre Ready-Pour jug with lid
  • ZeroWater ion exchange filter
  • Laboratory-grade total dissolved solids water quality meter
  • Full instructions

Made from durable polypropylene and ABS plastics, the jug and its filter are BPA free.

About ZeroWater

ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed water filtration system to match the purity of the very best filtered and bottled water, by capturing 99.6% of total dissolved solids, including residual minerals that can be prevalent in regional groundwater and run-off compounds that may leach into water supplies, especially after heavy rainfall. This breakthrough filtration system is certified by NSF International* to remove lead and other heavy metals, while The Good Housekeeping Research Institute recognise that ZeroWater removes more total contaminants than other brands of water filter.

*NSF International are an independent organisation, internationally recognised as experts in public health and safety issues and as their testing processes are extremely rigorous, gaining certification from them is highly prized.

Product dimensions

1.7 litre. 27 x 15.5 x 27cm H.

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Customer rating: 3.5
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"ZeroWater zero points!"

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This review is for an older version of this product

I bought the ZeroWater jug and filters last July hoping to buy a good product, but am so disappointed. The TDS meter hasn't worked since day 1 and, along with the filters is obviously made for the US market. The filters didn't last long, given they were so expensive, 2 -3 weeks at most. I stopped using the jug for a while, then recently I bought some more filters hoping they had improved, but no - the fishy smell really is unpleasant but it's the only way to tell when the filter needs changing. We are now drinking tap water which isn't great, but it's better than this system and it's free!

support_agent A note from the team

If you live in a top hard water area then what you have described means the filters are working and the hard water means they need replaced more often. The smell is the PH change in the water. However we'll be in touch shortly to help further.

"Not great!"

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Purchased this water filter as a replacement. Was a little disappointed with the size of the water reservoir as needs filling more often and to fill my kettle I have to fill it twice, but was happy to keep it. However, it would appear that because it needs filling more frequently the filter doesn't last long, less than 3 weeks, and the filters aren't cheap. We also noticed a fishy smell in the kettle, something I've never experienced with my old water filter! Unfortunatley I will be returning this item (although I will have to travel further as my local Lakeland has closed!)

support_agent A note from the team

Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear this hasn’t met your expectations. Depending on how hard the water is, the faster the filters will run out. The smell is the PH change in the water which lets you know the filter needs changing. We’ve been in touch to help with returning it to us.

"Very disappointed"

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I bought this filter as I was hoping it would be a replacement for purchasing bottled water. I wish I hadn’t wasted my money as the filter didn’t last long before it needed replacing. The fishy smell was awful. I am disappointed.

"Water tastes bitter"

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Very disappointing. After reading such good things we were expecting it to be better than Brita filters. But from the start (!!) and throughout the first week the water tasted bitter / sour and was quite unpleasant. It eliminated the slight chlorine taste we had before but now we’re left with the bitterness that we’ve never had before. Just not enjoying it as drinking water and the filter can’t be exhausted in less than a week. Sadly will be taking it back for a refund.

support_agent A note from the team

We're very sorry to hear this but can see you've been to your local store and they have sorted it for you

"Good, but a few problems"

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This review is for an older version of this product

We're a family of 4. the small reservoir at the top means it need refilling a lot. We also have lead pipes which is why I bought this filter. Our problem is that a cartridge only lasts 8-10 days before the water starts to taste really unpleasant and the filter has to be changed. My autistic child and our cat both stopped drinking when the sickly sweet taste started and child and cat became quite ill. Now I know other cartridges don't filter lead I feel I have to persist, but the cost is exhorbitant. Also seal on top of jug keeps coming out and is really fiddly to try and refit.

support_agent A note from the team

Our buying team have confirmed : the filter doesn’t add anything to the water, it just changes the PH once at the end of its life, so will have no effect on the health of pets. The whole point of the change in taste is to tell you to stop drinking the water and change the filter. Has you have so many impurities in their water the filter needs changing far more frequently than most. I’m afraid this is just the nature of this product.

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